And it Begins

Saturday was the last game of the 3 game Freeway Series.  That marks the beginning of baseball season.  It was the first time driving to Dodger Stadium in a while.  They had early batting practice which meant I could get into the stadium 3 hours early.  The traffic was heavy for a weekend.  

I was excited first of all to check out my new blue seat.  They had changed our ratty looking holey seats finally.  I was pleased.  The seats are nice and cushiony.

It was so good to see my favorite usher Reggie.  

The guys were out there shagging balls.  Most of the players on the field are pitchers.  Bottom pic:  Romo on the far left.  Ryu, Kershaw, Maeda, Hill were all out there.

Kenta Maeda with Will, his translator

Our ace Clayton
Our future:  Julio Urias

Time to eat.  I had missed the baseline food.  I can’t believe they actually served herb marinated tri tip for an exhibition game.  Spanish roasted chicken with creamy polenta and portobello mushrooms; Monterey Farms artichoke pasta and roasted carrots and organic squash completed the bounty.  The salads were scrumptious especially the roasted asparagus salad.  The asparagus was crispy and sweet.  The grilled Ojai apple salad also was a crowd pleaser.  I can’t believe that some of the people in the club were only eating Dodger dogs.  I felt satiated and happy when I went back to the field.  How I love the baseline food!  

Much of the staff was still working at Staples until Sunday.  The runners and servers were all different.  I always order the same thing for the inseat goodies.  Usually they know what my order is but everyone was different.  My server Lucille was on the spot great.  When I gave her the tip, she asked if I wanted change.  Uh what??  My runner, the person who actually serves the food was a mess.  He was confused about the seats.  He brought me my food:  chile cheese nachos, Caesar salad, melon cup, 2 diet cokes.

However, the cheese sauce was all over the cups and plastic ware.  And he didn’t have napkins.  Chalk it up to first day jitters.  I just asked for napkins.  He went back up and brought back a handful of napkins with some more cheese sauce saturated on some of them.  When he left, his tray almost knocked over one of the diet cokes.  He asked me to try the Diet Coke because he wasn’t sure if it was regular coke or not.  I wasn’t upset, just nervous.

New menu.  I gave my runner a tip anyway.  He looked at me with a confused look and said I had to order from the server.  Then he looked at me and said “This is a tip?”  Usually in baseline, the servers get tips when fans order alcohol.  I never have any alcohol but always leave a tip.  The inseat food is all complimentary and part of the ticket price.  I love that Caesar salad is part of the menu now.

So back to baseball again.  The guys came out to stretch.

Brandon McCarthy, the starting pitcher for this game, came out to the field to warm up.  I really respect Brandon for his hard work.  He never gives up.  His work ethic has paid off:  he will be one of the starting pitchers.  The others are Kershaw, Hill, Maeda and Ryu.  Fantastic if they can all stay healthy.  But waiting in the wings are Stripling, Wood and Urias.  

Austin Barnes was the catcher for the game.  Yaz was the designated hitter…weird since the game was played at Dodger Stadium

And that was why for the first time ever, Yaz was stretched on the field by a trainer.

I guess the guys remembered that they are supposed to stare at me.  Hi Corey, Kenta and Chase.
And there was my Yasiel.

He stopped to sign.

Jo bribed him with brownies so he would give her a hug.  He then came to me and gave me my usual hug.  Someone asked him How about me?” and he was nice enough to give her a half hug.  He then took the cutest selfie with me.  Yasiel is the best.  This is my favorite selfie of all.  He has always been a fan favorite.  I hope he has a great year…no matter what, I will always support him.  He always calls out to me “Hi Mama.”

Corey was mobbed by fans so I took this pic of us together.  Right?  He always says Hi and that’s always enough for me.  I really didn’t want to bother him.

Brandon and Austin made their way to the dugout.   Brandon is always a pitcher to look up to.  I think he is about 6’20”.

McCarthy’s first pitch.  And the game began.

The Angels had won the first game of the series, the Dodgers had won the second.  This was the third game.  It was a big game for Joc Pederson both offensively and defensively.  He hit his 6th homerun of ST and made a huge defensive catch.  JT hit a 2 run homerun.  The Angels starter was former Dodger reliever Jesse Chavez.  Remember the tattooed guy?

With Corey on base, Justin hit the huge homerun to center field.  2-0.

The Angels scored in the 2nd inning. 2-1.  Pujols homered in the 3rd inning 2-3.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Joc hit a homerun scoring Chase Utley. 4-3. 
In the top of the 9th inning, with Michael Johnson pitching (who is Michael Johnson?) the Angels managed to tie the score.  They chose to end it that way since the Angels had a very long trip to Oakland to play the A’s. Okay!

Someone didn’t look pleased.

Ice cream always makes everything better.  Thanks to the baseline club.

It’s always good to see one of my favorite people:  Veronica.  I was finally able to give her the autographed Eric Karros ball.  He had personalized it to her and signed on the sweet spot.  

So coming up.    Opening week!!!  This is the shirt I bought for Norma.  Very cool.

Thanks for stopping by.  More to come after Opening Day Monday.  Tonight I go to work.  Yes, I made a mistake and scheduled myself to work until 8am.  Opening Day is ALWAYS a day game.  I will probably be comatose before the game is over since it will be hot.  I appreciate everyone who reads my blog.  Please stop and say hi if you are at a game!!!

GO DODGERS!!!  Now it counts…….!

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