Getting Back Into the Swing Of Things (Literally)

Exhibition game at Angel Stadium.  Dodgers vs Angels..  Friday evening…Exciting times.

I hitched a ride with my good friends, Crystal and Cindy.  Thank you !!!
The carne asada waffle fries were awesome as usual.  What went wrong?
Everything seemed to get to me.  Maybe I have to ease myself into baseball season.  It was annoying when the guy behind me spilled his beer and it all seemed to end up in an endless stream under my feet.  Not happy.  The couple in front of me shot out endless banter toward Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner.  I wanted to remind them that the number one rule is to annoy the opposing side, not our own guys.  As they got more drunk,  their shouting became consistently worse.  Maybe the female thought that her continuous yelling was appealing to Yasiel.  I seriously don’t believe that.  It was much better after they left.  Another annoyance was that Angel Stadium had pulled the plug on the Oakley Store.  Now I have fewer reasons to visit Angel Stadium.

What went right? Everything else pretty much.

It was nice to see Alanna Rizzo back for the 2017 season.  She looked up and smiled at me.  So nice.  
Cindy told me she had wanted Yasiel Puig’s autograph for a couple of years.  Aha…a mission.  We figured out a good spot to get the autograph.

He was signing for some kids.  I called out to him and Cindy threw him a ball.

He looked right at us while he signed her ball.  He could have smiled.

She was thrilled.

Tommy was watching batting practice with Doc.

So were a few other guys.  Name the faces.

Kike Hernandez.  Wait until you see his hair.

Andrew Toles had a great Spring Training.  He earned a spot on the roster.

JT, Chase and Adrian

Austin, Joc and Chris Woodward…all in good spirits.

A selfie of all of us…!

They came in for a while after batting practice.

National Anthem time pregame

Some of the guys went back to the locker room.
And then the game began.  Of course we had already bought our food.  I ate all my waffle fries.  Oink oink. Cindy and Crystal shared garlic fries.

Looks pretty good.  I have to say that Angel Stadium does make outstanding waffle fries.

Rich Hill was the starting pitcher.

Rich pitched 3 2/3 innings before he was taken out.  He was outstanding.  I love Rich…very fan friendly, always has time to talk and sign.

Then they took him out.

Kenley Jansen pitched in relief in the middle of the game.  Very strange to see him so early in the game.

Grant Dayton also pitched in relief

I was interested in getting my first look at Romo, our acquisition from the Giants.  Oops.  He walked the first Angel.  The Angels finally scored against him.  Oh well.  And he’s short for a pitcher 5’11”.

In between all these pitching changes, Crystal bought cotton candy, a must have at Angel Stadium.  We were even more excited after that.  Call that a sugar high.

It was good to see our guys.

And with my pictures in reverse order,  you can see Justin hitting a huge 106.6 mph homerun, making his ST average .385.  I just love WordPress. 1-0.  And the Dodgers were never behind in this game.  I hate to say this but Mike Trout seems to be the only good Angel player.  

I’m not opposed to taking pictures of the enemy.

Also new to the Dodgers is second baseman Logan Forsythe.  He looks a little like Brett Anderson who is with the Cubs now as their 5th starter.  Good luck to Brett and Morgan.

A few more swings.  Can you identify the Dodgers by their swings.  By the end of the season, I can identify them by their walk as well.

A little blurry…sorry but that was a very close call.  I think Yasiel makes the opposing pitcher nervous.  He doesn’t stand still.

A few more pictures of Yasiel in motion.

And who is “0”?

A blonde Kike.

Kike will probably shave all of it off before the season is over is my prediction.

And the Dodgers beat the Angels, a rare occurrence at Angel Stadium, with a score of 3-1.

Saturday is the first Dodger game of 2017 in Dodger Stadium.  I’m excited to see my new blue seat.  Much of the staff will be different.  They have moved on, transferred to other places.  It makes me sad because they are all my friends.  I will miss them.  

In case you are new to my blog, thank you for checking it out.  I take all my own pictures.

Except Crystal took the top 2 pictures while I was gone to take care of business.  She realizes it is no small task to take pictures around heads.  Yes, those are huge obstacles to my picture taking…that and 3rd base coach, Chris Woodward who is the border in most of my pictures during the season.  My season seat is just past 3rd base behind the batboy so Chris usually is in my way.

Thank you everyone again for checking out my blog.  I’m gratified to be able to write again this season and that you have made this blog a success.  It is my goal to give Dodger fans a unique perspective of the Dodgers and am happy to share this with you.

Can’t wait to finally be at Dodger Stadium to watch a Dodger game.  GO DODGERS!!!  See you later!!

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