Almost Time

Tomorrow I’m going to the exhibition game between the Angels and the Dodgers. Of course I am excited..Has it been 6 months already?

Corey won’t be playing. Neither will Andre. The game doesn’t count, at least on the books. It does count for me!!!

I’ll have camera in hand and plan on taking lots of pictures. Watch out everyone!

What to wear!!! I probably will wear my 2017 ST tee shirt. It will be last chance to wear it. I’ll save my Corey Seager Rookie of the Year tee shirt for when he can play. 

So glad Crystal is driving. I ALWAYS lose my car in that stadium parking lot. It never fails. No matter where I park and what I do to figure out the spot, I lose it. I’ve taken pictures, I’ve looked at landmarks, remembered what freaking gate I’ve come in (that’s supposedly the failsafe thing to do…doesn’t work for me!) I give up.

I’m not a fan of Angel Stadium. Hate it. But I go to buy new Oakleys. Yes, they have an Oakley Store where they can custom make your sunglasses including etching your favorite team’s name on a lens!! They also have some amazing nachos. The ushers hate Dodger blue tee shirts so I’m always given a hard time about wearing the wrong color. Geeeez. They need customer service classes from Dodger ushers who are THE BEST ushers anywhere!!

Can’t wait. 

See everyone soon! Please look me up. I’d love to have a selfie with you!

GO Dodgers!!!

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