Dodgers vs Cubs

I was more than ready for another Spring Training game.  The game on Thursday was a sell out so I knew it would be crowded.

I had breakfast first.  Comfort Suites always has a satisfying breakfast.  I had crispy waffles with maple syrup, bacon and cheese omelets.  I knew it would be a long day.

I took the complimentary shuttle from the Suites to the stadium.  It was already getting crowded.

There were more fans lined up than my first day.

The guys hurried through, rarely looking up.  It was getting near the end of Spring Training and cuts would be coming.  High stress for the non roster invitees.

I was happy to see Corey Seager who had a sore oblique.  He hadn’t played but it was good to see him.  He didn’t look at the fans but when I called out to him, he looked at me and said hi.  He recognized my voice.
A couple of players stopped and signed but it was rare.  Charley Steiner, the radio announcer walked by and got inundated with requests for an autograph.  I think none of the kids really knew who he was but they were glad to get even one autograph.
Joc hurried by but did call out a greeting to me.  They seem to know me because I am at every game.
JT also saw me and called out hello.  I was starting to feel special.
There was Andrew, one of my favorites.  He has played well during Spring Training assuring himself a spot on the roster.
And there was old friend Scott Van Slyke, remember him?
There goes Chris Woodward, my favorite coach.  He must be my favorite since he seems to be in most of my pictures.
Many familiar and not so familiar faces.
Eric Karros was signing so I took the opportunity to get my first Spring Training autograph.  I’m not that hot on autographs but since I brought 4 balls, I thought maybe I should justify bringing so many.
Everyone must think that I am a super great photographer but I do have many failures.  The sun was very hot and it was hard to see what pictures I was able to get.  I would look at the pictures on my phone and all I could see was a glare.  I was hoping that some of my pics were turning out ok.  I am gratified that so many were ok.  I was sad about this picture.  I am actually supposed to be in it. SAD FACE.

Kenta kept asking me “Did you get it? You sure?”  I think he knew it didn’t turn out but I didn’t want to hold him up since he was nice enough to take a selfie with me.  I am on the left.  My big fail!!
I went into the stadium after that.

Some of the guys were stretching.  It was super hot already.  I was already feeling it.  I knew I would be miserable.
Hi JT.  He nodded at me.
Joc came running out amid much cheering.  We love Joc.
One of my infamous back pictures.  Here’s first look at Logan’s back.
More Joc
Joc again
National Anthem time.
Joc signed for fans.  He put his hand out in front of me for my ball which I had been holding.  I hadn’t even asked for an autograph.  Love Joc.
Another of my great shots of Joc signing
Tommy.  What a tough guy.  I saw him sitting in a seat several rows in front of me in Peoria in that hot sun and there he was at Camelback toughing it out.
Yasiel signed to the pleasure of adoring fans.  He stopped in front of me and signed the ball I was still holding.  Yasiel is the best.

Here is my autographed ST ball.  Can you figure out whose autographs they are?
It just started to get hotter and hotter until I decided to go walk around.

I bought a delicious grilled hamburger
And sat in the cold room where everyone goes when it simply gets too hot.
When I went back to my seat, the starting guys were already leaving the field.  We left soon after that. It was just too hot.  Norma was leaving to go back home so we left before the game was over.  After they left I decided to look around Glendale.
The hotel shuttle took me to the local card shop.
They had some interesting autographed balls.
This little guy was my purchase.
I decided to make a final trip to Westgate.  I had a very healthy fresh peach ice cream on a waffle cone combo from ColdStone.

I was ready to go back to my room to pack.  This was my last night in Camelback.  It had been fun, always a wonderful experience.  Thank you Dodgers.  Love you all.  You guys always make me feel special.

Thanks everyone for sharing my Spring Training experiences.  Next up are the exhibition games.  I will be going to the one at Angel Stadium with the Angels on Friday.  Crystal is driving.  Thank you so much.  I always lose my car, thank you very much.  Saturday will be my first look at Dodger Stadium in a couple of months.  I am eager to see the new blue seats.

GO DODGERS!!!  See you soon.

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