Peoria Part 2

I thought I would share a few more pictures of Peoria.  As I said before, the day was perfect.

Here’s the starting lineup that day.
Alyssa, Donna, Norma and me
Always fun with a race
And the winner….on the 3rd base side is….!
The Mariners were perplexed during most of the game

It was baseball weather…overcast, mild temperature. Gorgeous.

The stadium was packed 

It was all so much sweeter with a Dodger win.

I placed a bid at an auction for a Joc Pederson autographed jersey to benefit the MLB alumni. I always like to start the bidding. I was amazed that I actually won. 

We decided to meet at Yard House later in the evening after everyone rested.

Norma had the lettuce wraps, one of her favorites on the menu 

Donna had a street taco.

I went all out and ordered one of their specialties: St Louis ribs, a full slab. They mistakenly brought a half slab so they took it back. I watched everyone eat. The manager asked where my meal was. When I told her, she had them bring it back and told me the rest would be coming. She apologized profusely. I told her it was ok. 
To my surprise they brought me a full slab with enormous side dishes: baked beans And cream corn. I had planned on eating in the next  night so had ordered enough for another meal. I was astounded at the portions. It was absolutely delicious. Thank you Yard House.
The day had been too wonderful. We had a great time.  I was looking forward for my second and last game at Camelback Stadium on Thursday. 

One more Spring Training blog to go until you will be caught up with my AZ adventures. 

Thanks for stopping by. You are what makes this blog so fulfilling for me. Dodger fans unite!!!

See you soon. GO DODGERS!!

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