Memories of Spring Training 2017-Night one

It took a week before I could recover from Spring Training.  I left on Tuesday last week and returned on Friday. It was hot as I knew it would be but it took a while to recuperate.  It didn’t help that I had to go back to work right away when I got back. I’m finally writing about my experience a week later. I still feel tired…a combination of ST and work!

I left for Spring Training from the best airport in the world, Long Beach Airport.  There is no hassle.  No wait.  Security is awesome.  I always try to leave from there.  I only had minimal luggage:  a backpack and a small bag that fit under the seat.  I didn’t have baggage claim to contend with and I always seem to have TSP pre check which facilitates going through security.

I stayed at my usual hotel Comfort Suites, the only place to stay in Glendale.  The White Sox minor leaguers stay there.

There’s the courtesy hotel shuttle that takes you everywhere.  That’s definitely something wonderful when you don’t drive and need transportation.  I settled into my room and took the shuttle to my destination.

I  decided to arrive on Tuesday evening and arranged to meet  my friends at Cracker Barrel Restaurant, one of our go-to places in Glendale AZ.  The food is reasonable and delicious.

I had the rib eye steak, baked potato and dinner salad.  It was wonderful.  I hardly ever eat steak so it was a treat.

Norma had the turkey sandwich and a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.  Interesting combination.
I returned to the hotel to rest up for the next morning.  I planned on getting to the practice field early to see my guys.  I had worked the night before and had not had any sleep for about 36 hours so I was ready to take a nap.

Part two…my first glimpse of the 2017 Dodgers …will be coming soon.  Thanks for being so patient.  I appreciate everyone who has been following my blog.  I’ve missed everyone.  GO DODGERS!!!

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