Getting Ready For ST

It’s almost time to take that annual trip to Arizona.  It is going to be the hottest week yet, in the 80’s and 90’s.  How great is that.  Everyone is aware that I HATE day games because of the heat.  Oh well…anything for my blog.

All the Dodgers seem to be injured.  Do any of them train in the off season?  They are falling one by one.  The most worrisome is Corey Seager who at first only “tweaked” something.  Now they are saying it’s a minor oblique issue.  There is nothing minor about an injured oblique.  Andre has a lower back problem.  Adrian did have a “tennis” elbow but went on to play for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.  I don’t think that was smart thinking on anyone’s part.  Yimi Garcia is already on the 60 day DL.

They are slowly whittling the team down to a 40 man roster.  Today several players were sent to minor league camp.  Bye bye to Jacob Rhame, Kyle Farmer, Ralston Cash, Josh Sborz and Henry Ramos.  There will be more cuts since there are still 57 players left in major league camp.

I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Arizona.  No Corey for sure with his “minor” oblique injury.  No Adrian or Romo since they are still with the Mexican team.  Oh well.  At least Trayce is playing.  It looks like Clayton Kershaw is his usual awesome self.  Maeda and Hill are doing well.  Brandon McCarthy and Ryu did ok.  I’m still worried about the pitching.  Hopefully it won’t be a revolving door of pitchers this coming season.  That was a huge stress last season.

Decisions decisions decisions.  I was planning on wearing a ROY tee shirt in honor of Corey but if he isn’t playing, he might not even be there.  I’ll probably save the tee shirt for the coming season.  I probably will wear my Trayce tee shirt.  I also have a couple of last season’s playoff tee shirts.  Needless to say, I’m trying to pack light since I really don’t like carrying heavy stuff on trips.  I’m only taking 3 baseballs for autographing.  I’m hoping to get a few selfies with my favorite players. Now that I don’t have to look for my past favorite Mike Bolsinger, it takes some of the fun out of the whole picture thing.  I could always count on a nice sweaty hug from Mike.  Oh well.  

It looks like the engagement bug has bitten a lot of our bachelor Dodgers, the latest being Joc and finally Justin Turner.  Congratulations to Justin and Kourtney and all the others.  It looks like Kenley got the ball rolling when he got married in the off season.  I’m sure Puig’s baby mama is hoping he pops the question.  I really don’t think he is ready yet to settle down.  Hopefully our guys can concentrate on baseball now.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my Spring Training trip.  Thank you everyone who kept up with me during the off season.  I’ve been busy with work.  Every day is a challenge.

Thank you everyone for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!!


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