Christmas Greetings

Thank you to my Dodger reps for the Christmas gift.  These tumblers are something I can actually use!!

Christmas is just around the corner believe it or not.  Was it just Thanksgiiving?  

Glad to say that both Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen have signed.  I give Kenley a lot of credit considering he did not take the most money.  He went to the team where his heart is.  I will always love him for that.  It probably swung in the Dodgers favor when Justin and Scott Van Slyke attended Kenley’s wedding in Curaçao during the Winter Meetings.

A sad note was the death of Alan Thicke one week ago.  Why does it seem that such tragic things happen around the holidays?  He died of a rupture of the aorta which is sure death.  He was doing what he loves most..playing ice hockey with his youngest son. I remember seeing him at the celebrity softball game this year.   He is pictured to the left of Jamie Foxx.

Also prayers for Carrie Fisher who suffered a massive heart attack today while flying from London to Los Angeles. So so sad!!!
Merry Christmas to everyone.  Spring Training is just around the corner.  Hope everyone has a great and joyous Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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