So Long Howie

Latest news…Howie has been traded to the Phillies. Not sad about it because that’s what he wanted. Apparently he wasn’t too happy about Andrew Toles taking the left field spot during playoffs. Andrew earned his spot.

We’ll find out tonight whether Corey receives Rookie of the Year award. It is unanimous among all sports writers that he should get it. 

Congratulations to Ross Stripling who became engaged to longtime gf Susanna Villa. 

Jesse Chavez signed with the Angels to a one year $5.75 million contract as a starter. Good luck to Jesse.

As expected Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen turned down qualifying offers.  Justin does prefer to stay with the Dodgers but I imagine he’ll take the highest offer. The Dodgers are also looking at closer Aroldis Chapman who they skipped over last season because of domestic abuse allegations.  Hopefully Kenley returns. 

Hope everyone had a great Veteran’s Day holiday.

Here’s a pic of my Dad who served in the army during WWII. Thanks to all veterans and active duty military.  We appreciate your service.

Last night was the super moon. It was huge!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll keep you updated on any news!


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