Free Agents

Although off season started for me with the last Dodger game, for everyone else it starts today. So now we have several free agents many whom I hope returns next season. However I am always prepared to see a team of strangers on Opening Day so I don’t bank on many returning.

The free agents that we need to see returning begins with our closer Kenley Jansen. I don’t count on the management paying what he’s worth so he may be gone by Spring Training. Another one is Justin Turner who is a favorite of mine. I know he would like to stay with the Dodgers but he deserves a huge contract. One team I know he would avoid is the Mets who threw him out like garbage.

A big question mark is whether the Dodgers may try to get Greinke back. The D Backs may be willing to part with him since he didn’t have a huge season and is costing them a fortune. It is proven that he plays well with Clayton as ace. The Dodgers need pitching for sure.  Rich Hill has been better than anyone expected so maybe he will return. What will happen with Kazmir, Anderson and McCarthy is anyone’s guess. 

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. I had predicted they would win the World Series a while back. For once the team who had the best record and was consistently the best all season actually won.  

The holidays are just around the corner. It won’t be long before we will be back at Dodger Stadium. 

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget the Adrian Gonzalez event on Nov 19. 


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