When Will It End?

The World Series seems to go on and on. It might stretch out to the entire 7 games. The Cubs and Indians go back to Cleveland tomorrow. A fitting name for Cleveland is “Believeland.” I just saw that today. Who would have thought they could outplay the Cubs? From this World Series we can all hope for next year!  One of my friends had said that the team with the best record doesn’t always win.  I know we Dodger fans had hopes to the final minute. We still believe the Dodgers can do it!!

I’m over baseball for now. I have to say that I am totally BORED! I even look forward to going to work. That’s saying a lot!!  Hurry up Baseball!!

Congratulations to our Kenley Jansen, the Trevor Hoffman National League Reliever of the Year.

Also Happy Birthday Kourtney aka Justin Turner’s gf or Court_with_a_k! 

First taste of 2017 Dodger baseball will be Fan Fest which will take place on Saturday January 28 announced today. Hope to see everyone there!!

My kitty is still wearing Dodger blue.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. My favorite costumes were in honor of my favorite fast food place. The costumes were designed and created by my sister Jojo.

Thanks for stopping by. See everyone soon.

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