Back to Normalcy

I am officially a normal human being again.  It’s no longer baseball season. What does that mean?

My phone case features my family rather than a Dodger.

I don’t check social media every five minutes which means I won’t get data overages every month.

I don’t have to wear blue everyday.

I don’t have to sweat my days off at work.

I can lose weight because I won’t be eating all that great food

My camera can get a rest

But I miss my friends…sad face

You guys are my world!!  Love you all!

I truly had no idea when the World Series started.  What a loser I am.  I wish people would get over offering me condolences. No one died.  
Only 5 months until Spring Training! 

Please keep stopping by. I’ll update you on what’s happening with our Western Division champs!  Sporting News Manager of the year our Doc. Sporting News rookie of the year Corey Seager. Congratulations.

See you soon!

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