Depending on a Miracle

After the losses in the last two games, the Dodgers are depending on another miracle in Chicago to go on in the postseason.  All of us were sure that the Dodgers could take advantage of home field advantage and beat the Cubs but it didn’t happen that way.  Now we have to depend on the baseball gods to go on to the World Series.

What happened?  There were glaring issues in both home games.  The bullpen.  Our bullpen who we had depended on all season suddenly became our undoing.  Our offense who at times were brilliant, couldn’t hit.  And then the Cubs stepped it up when they had to.  And the umpires.  Maybe they should go by a rating scale to decide whether they should be allowed to make the calls during such important games as the postseason.  I think that the momentum change occurred Wednesday when an obviously botched call turned into an even more glaring problem when the review backed up that call at home plate.  Everyone who has seen the play, at home, at the game, and numerous replays on tv, knows that Adrian Gonzalez was safe.  After that, the Dodgers seemed to lose something.  

There were a few things during the last two games that made me happy.  Seeing Vin Scully again looking rested and so happy made me smile.
Being with the most wonderful people on earth also made me smile.

Meeting Mark Sanchez of USC fame was an exciting positive.  He was very nice.  He actually took this selfie without my asking.  What a hunk!  He also gave me a big hug.  Lucky me.
Maybe I should have brought a football.  The ball was signed by a LAPD pen given to me by my friend.  It’s my good luck pen.  Thank you Asher!!

I love the LAPD!

I was able to talk to my guys maybe for the last time.

It was exciting to get so far in the NLCS, playing the team with the best record in baseball.  This shirt is made by the “47” company.  It was the only shirt with the Cubs vs Dodgers on it.  They sold out the first day.  I was lucky to snag two.  My friend Asher totally photobombed me.

I won’t go over the highlights of the game since I’m still mourning how badly the Dodgers performed.  They still have a chance but they have to win two out of two in Chicago.  Clayton Kershaw, who has been phenomenal this year in postseason, will take the mound on Saturday.  If there is another game on Sunday, Rich Hill will try to win the NLCS title for the Dodgers.  We can only cross our fingers and pray.

There is still hope so I won’t say we have given up.  We Dodger fans never throw in the towel.  

Thanks for stopping by.  There will be another blog entry soon.  Love you all.

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