The Dream Continues

The NLCS games came to LA from Chicago with the series tied 1-1.  So far every game had been a nail biter.  It has been truly an experience.   After all the Cubs have the best record in baseball.  They probably have the best starting pitchers and hitters in baseball.  The Dodgers are scrappers and have fought with all their hearts to get to where they are today.  Tuesday was no different.  

A special thank you to my friends Crystal and Cindy who gave me my NLCS pin!!  It’s sold out.

Rich Hill wanted another chance in the playoffs.  There were of course doubters.  Before this game, people were talking trash about Yasmani.  But we should all know that the Dodgers are the team they are because each individual player wants to contribute.  There is no one hero on the team, except maybe Clayton Kershaw, who is ultimately the one who can perform miracles.  But let’s get back to Game 3 of the NCLS series.

I was prepared for a crowd.  I had worked the night before but still got an early start to the stadium.  I was surprised that the traffic was light.  I arrived about an hour before the gates opened.  It seemed like any other game day.

The Dodgers were out on the field.  It was batting practice as usual.

They were in good spirits:  Rob, Clayton, Andrew, Andre

They are playing like they are  the best team in baseball.  Their pitching and hitting are silencing the naysayers who didn’t believe they had a chance in this series.  This team of scrappers and fighters are playing as though their life depended on it.

The Cubs believed that Jake Arrieta, their ace, could provide a much needed win.  After all, he had thrown a no-hitter at Dodger Stadium last year.  

Doc as usual was all smiles.  He will definitely be manager of the year.  How could he not be?  He has been able to get the Dodgers this far in his rookie year as manager.

It was a good time to eat.  I went up to the club and enjoyed eggplant parmigiana and roast turkey.
The field was crowded with media.
The doctor was there early with his wife.
Robert and his girls
Norma and Nick
One of my favorite people: Jack

Corey’s mom and brother were at the game.

New friends Dylan and Mr Dietz who sat in the seats next to me
Yazmani made his way down the field and hydrated.  Nothing ever changes with Yaz.
Dave Styles, one of the on field commentators stopped to talk to us.
Chase came out to stretch
while Rich Hill came out on the field amid cheers 

He looked my way to make sure I was ready
The Cubs were introduced.
Next the Dodgers were introduced.  
Then the starting lineup beginning with our manager Dave Roberts
Chase Utley
Corey Seager 
Justin Turner
Adrian Gonzalez
Josh Reddick
Joc Pederson
Andrew Toles.  It was a trial trying to get pictures because the photographers were always in the way
It was a glorious day with a giant flag held by members of the military
National Anthem
They all went back to the dugout anticipating a hard fought battle to come
Rich Hill came down the field alone looking determined
Yasmani came up the rear.  Apparently the plan was all laid out…no more need to discuss it.
Some of the guys came out to stretch
The umpires came out to the field trying to figure out how to make the Dodgers miserable
Rick Monday threw out the first pitch with Steve Yaeger catching
Corey made sure to do his good-luck stuff with the trainers before he ran in
Rich Hill waited for his moment
While the umpires were trying to decide whether Vinny was here or not
Rich came out to the field and got ready
First pitch
Rich was fantastic.  He held the Cubs scoreless over 6 innings.

In the first inning, the Cubs were out in order.

Corey hit a single but was left on base
In the second inning, Anthony Rizzo walked and stole 2nd base.  Jorge Soler walked but both were left on base.  The Dodgers were out in order.

In the 3rd inning, Kris Bryant singled but was left on base.

First blood came in the bottom of the 3rd inning when Andrew Toles singled

Rich Hill ground out but moved Andrew to second.
Then Corey also singled scoring Andrew 1-0.
In the 4th inning, the Cubs were out in order.  

Josh Reddick singled and stole 2nd base with Joc batting

Then after tiring Arrieta out with pitch after pitch, Yaz did what he does best.  He hit a homerun.

The score became 3-0.  The momentum suddenly was on the Dodgers side with that homerun.

Do you think the guys are ever going to give me run support?

Jake Arrieta definitely was not having his best game.
In the top of the 5th inning, the Cubs were out in order.  The Cubs offense stayed silent.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, the Dodgers were out in order.

In the top of the 6th inning, Kris Bryant, their star rookie, singled but was left on base.

Justin Turner added to the score in the 6th inning by hitting a solo homerun.  4-0.  It looked as though the Dodgers were thoroughly routing the Cubs.
Yasiel came out to pinch hit and immediately hit a single.
Yasmani walked but both were left on base.
In the 7th inning, Joe Blanton replaced Rich Hill.  The Cubs were out in order after a challenge on first base with a call being overturned.  Surprise…the Dodgers never seem to win a challenge but this one was too obvious to overlook.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Andre came out to pinch hit but flied out.
Corey singled but was left on base.
In the top of the 8th, with Grant Dayton pitching, Dexter Fowler doubled and Dayton  was immediately replaced by Kenley.  Doc wasn’t playing around or taking a chance.

I wonder if I have to close today says Clayton to whoever is listening.

Kenley struck out Kris Bryant.
In the bottom of the 8th inning, Yasiel singled 
Joc doubled scoring Yasiel. 5-0.  The Dodgers were absolutely killing the Cubs.
With Yaz batting, Joc stole third.  Yaz ground out scoring Joc.  6-0.
It was the top of the 9th inning.  It looked like a Dodger win.
Zobrist ground out but Anthony Rizzo was able to single.  Javier Baez struck out but Rizzo went to 2nd.
With 2 out, 2 strikes, we all held our breaths.  Chris Coghlan lined out making that final out.
The Dodgers win!!!

The Dodgers climbed over the rail to celebrate
And we Dodger fans were jumping up and down in joy.  The Cubs fans had already left.
The Dodgers only have to win 2 more games to go to the World Series.  Is that Cubs curse responsible for the outcome of the game.  Poor Cubs.  Lucky us.

Wednesday our 20 year old Julio Urias 5-2 ERA 3.39 will face veteran John Lackey 11-8 ERA 3.35.  It will most likely be another exciting game.  My hope is that the Dodgers can win the next two games so they can clinch at home.  Am I dreaming big dreams?

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!  I have to go to work after the game tonight so hopefully I’ll be going to work in a good mood!!!

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