Anticipating Playoffs

Sadly, the Dodgers were swept by the evil ones. No home field advantage so they do not return to LA until October 10.

I’m trying to cheer up. So I decided to go back and look at my favorite selfies this year. Hope you laugh as hard as I did. I am getting better at shooting them.

These are from Spring Training

Justin didn’t get it centered
Too close???  Can you get too close to wonderful Andrew?
Work work work and I actually look happy. 
Matt. I will forever love this guy. He took the selfie and wanted to get it just right
Sometimes it’s hard to get the picture just right
And that sun sometimes is in your eyes
Watch out for the scary baseline chefs

It’s awesome how many you can fit in ONE SELFIE!!!

And how one selfie can make your heart just burst with love
Or make you cry because the one who was your favorite was traded to a team far far away
Selfies….best friends forever…what did we do before selfies?
We had to find a stranger to take the pic
Taking a selfie and getting luckily photobombed by Justin
Sometimes the lighting in other stadiums isn’t as good as Dodger Stadium but doesn’t Barney look beautiful?
And then somehow the cat took a selfie and your iPhone organized it into “selfies”
Does everyone miss Nancy Bea? 
Hopefully the next game will have an ending like this when the Dodgers clinched. This is not a selfie but I thought I would throw it in because it made me happy to take it.
Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!!

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