It’s still like a dream.  The weekend hit all of us hard.  Apparently it hit the Dodgers hard too since they can’t seem to win a game since then,  even against the Padres.

Thanks to my buddy David Collins for this video he downloaded from his television.  Many people had told me they thought they had seen me on television on Sunday after the victory celebration.  He actually caught it with his phone.  

Since Sunday I have gone back to work.  Ouch my knee.  After working two 12 hour shifts, my knee is not happy.  The pain isn’t as bad.   I can deal with it.  

We are now hoping for home field advantage.  It looks like the first team we will have to play will be the Nationals.  It also  seems like the Dodgers will not start at home.  Oh well.  It’s a good thing they pulled off the win at home on Sunday or we would still be worrying about clinching even today.

Over the next few days, I’ll share some of the pictures I took over the historic weekend.

The pictures I took after they clinched Sunday are fun to look at.
Maybe you can spot your favorites.  I just kept taking pictures.
My favorites are of Charlie Culberson, the hero of the game who hit the walkoff homerun.
And of Yasiel Puig who was getting as much love from his teammates as anyone else.

They gave tribute to Vinny

And then they put those tee shirts on.  I was lucky that after all the celebrating was over, I was able to find ONE SHIRT left at the concession stands.  They had told me that the shirts were all sold out.  How did that happen that I was able to find the last one?

I also was able to find this shirt.  Hehe.
And then there was Vinny and his song “Wind Beneath My Wings.” That brought almost everyone to tears after the emotional win.

His message to everyone.
That you Charlie for that walkoff.
Thank you everyone for stopping by.  More tomorrow!!  GO DODGERS!!!

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