Rockies Game One

The magic number is now 4 with the win Thursday night against the Rockies.  The Giants were able to beat the Padres.  We keep hoping that the Dodgers can clinch the Western Division at home.  It looks like it may happen on the road but we have our fingers crossed that we can be part of the celebration. 

This was two years ago.

Clayton Kershaw was throwing some pitches during early batting practice.
Everyone seemed upbeat.  A win always gets everyone in a good mood.
There wasn’t much going on by the dugout so I went up to the club to eat.

I went back to the field and thought it was a good time to take some selfies.  There were a few that I had wanted for a while including one with Asher.  Look who’s photobombing us…Justin.

My ushers who have put up with me all season are the best!!

Justin Turner came to the side to talk to family.  The baby definitely looks like a relative complete with taffy hair.

Mary was excited to get Justin’s autograph.

  Justin is a difficult autograph to get.  It’s not his thing.

There’s Justin’s autograph on the bottom below Kenta’s.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  The players know I don’t usually get autographs.

Here’s my selfie with Justin…I was a little shy.  But before he left he came up to me and gave me a high five.

Ross Stripling was being interviewed on SportsNet.
Yasmani.  I wonder why his right arm is taped up
Don’t look at me
Brett Anderson was starting.  He had just come off of DL.  
He did some of his stretching with his glove balanced on his head.

I kept looking at his back pocket.

We were celebrating Tommy Lasorda’s 89th birthday.
The Dodgers all came on the field to congratulate him.  It was an awesome show of love.
Corey and Chase were on the field stretching
Stan Lee of Spider-Man fame threw the first pitch.  What a fantastic guy he is!!

Chase Utley signed autographs.
So did Corey
National Anthem
Jesse Chavez definitely has taken over as the guy in the hoody
Andrew Toles made sure his shoes are tied
And Brett Anderson took that lonely walk to the dugout.  He seemed to be in his own world.  
The umps and Doc
First pitch.  Seriously, while I was taking this picture someone actually tried to walk in front of me.  Not happy.  First inning went well for Brett.  The Rockies were out in order.
In the bottom of the first inning, Chase hit a single but was left on base.
Brett ran into trouble in the 2nd inning.  Car Go singled, Nick Hundley doubled scoring Car Go.  0-1. David Dahl singled.  With a wild pitch by Brett, Dahl went to second.  Stephen Cardullo walked.  Descalso hit a sacrifice fly scoring Hundley. 0-2.  Charlie Blackmon singled scoring Dahl.  0-3.  This definitely wasn’t good.  I was feeling uneasy.

Tyler Chatwood pitches well against the Dodgers.  
However, Yaz had him figured out hitting a solo homerun in the bottom of the second.  1-3
Joc walked but was left on base.  
In the 3rd inning, the Rockies were out in order.  Chase walked but was left on base.

In the 4th inning, Descalso singled but was left on base.  

Adrian walked in the bottom  of the 4th inning.

Yaz singled.  Both he and Adrian were left on base.  FRUSTRATION!!!

In the top of the 5th inning, DJ LeMahieu hit a solo homerun making the score 4-1.  The Dodgers were out in order in the bottom of the 5th.

Josh Ravin replaced Brett Anderson.  The Rockies were out in order.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Adrian singled, Yaz doubled.  Josh Reddick ground out scoring Adrian.  4-2

Joc walked.  He was out at 2nd with a Howie ground out.  
In the top of the 7th inning, Luis Avilan replaced Josh Ravin.  The Rockies were out in order.

In the bottom of the 7th, Tyler Chatwood was replaced by Jordan Lyles.  

Andre Ethier, pinch hitting, hit a ground rule double to right field.
Now why didn’t we leave Tyler in?

  Boone Logan came in to replace Jordan Lyles.  Not a good choice for the Rockies but good for the Dodgers.
Justin hit a fly ball to right field.
Pinch hitter Yasiel Puig replaced Andrew Toles.  He walked.  Is it my imagination or does it seem that the tone of the game changes when Puig enters the game.  Dodger fans were chanting “Puig, Puig, PUIG!!!”
Corey also walked.  Good eye.
Adrian Gonzalez also walked.  Andre scored on that walk.  4-3.
And then Yaz was up to bat.  Why the Rockies didn’t take  Boone Logan out of the game perplexes me but it was good for the Dodgers.
Yaz hit a grand slam homerun from the opposite side of the plate.  We were in a frenzy!!   7-4
Now it’s time for a pitching change.
Almost no one noticed that next batter Josh Reddick hit a base hit.  Joc walked but both players were left on base.
In the top of the 8th, with Joe Blanton pitching, LeMahieu singled but was left on base.
In the bottom of the 8th inning,  Nolan Arenado and manager Walt Weise were ejected by the home plate umpire.

Yasiel Puig singled and advanced to 2nd on a balk by pitcher Justin Miller.  He was left on base.  Definitely not a good day for Rockies pitchers.
We all felt that the Dodgers were poised for a win going into the 9th inning thanks to Yaz’s grand slam.

Kenley Jansen come in to finish it up.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when Cardullo lined out for the final out.

Every win gets us closer to the playoffs.  You can feel the excitement.  The players never give up.
In Friday’s game, Scott Kazmir 10-6 ERA 4.59 faces Jon Gray 10-8 ERA 4.42.  Hopefully the Dodgers can pull off a win and the Giants lose.  We’re still hoping for them to clinch at home.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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