Counting Down

The magic number is now 5.   With the Dodger win against the Giants yesterday, the number was whittled down to a mere 5.  If everything goes well for the Dodgers, they could clinch during this homestand.  But going through many seasons with them, I realized that they like to keep us on pins and needles to the last dramatic moment.

The weather was on our side.  It was cool, the sky was clear.  Early batting practice was in full swing.
I hadn’t seen the twins for a while.  They are very mobile now.
My friend Cindy was not working that day so came to the game with her family.  Where’s Crystal?

Doc stopped to talk but hurried into the clubhouse

Jose De Leon also was in a hurry

Joc did say hi as he rushed by.
I took that opportunity to eat in the club.  Cindy went up with me.  Her family wanted to stay at the dugout in case any of the players came out.  I was hungry.  The grilled sirloin steak was so delicious I had to go back for more.  The turkey also was wonderful.  The salads seem to get better and better.
Carlos Ruiz was already on the field.

And I know he wasn’t looking at me.
Robert and I took pictures with our favorite ushers
Robert with his favorite servers
It was Law Enforcement Day at the stadium

Kenta Maeda, the starting pitcher was able to make it down the field before the law enforcement program started.
Corey started his stretching alone on the field.  How magnificent is Dodger Stadium?
And then the motorcycles arrived
LAPD chief Charlie Beck was part of the program
National Anthem
What a marvelous night it was.
Everyone is loving Puig
Even the Giants
Lakers first round draft pick Brandon Ingram threw out the first pitch

A little more stretching
Then Carlos and Kenta with translator Will made that walk from bullpen to dugout
Charlie signed some autographs
The umpires checking the lineup
The twins were ready for the game to start.  Let’s all clap our hands!!!
A little preparation before the game, have to get the gum off that shoe.
First pitch.  It was a little worrisome when Kenta walked the first batter.  I think that the problem was that Ruiz had never caught Kenta before.  They didn’t seem to be on the first page.  Angel Pagan singled scoring Denard Span who had walked.   There was a catching error on Ruiz. 0-1.  That was the only run thank goodness.
First up Howie hit a base hit
Corey hit into a fielders choice, Howie out at second.  Corey on first.
Justin walked, Corey went to second.
Adrian singled.  Corey scored with Justin going to second.
And then that Puig guy was up.  

He  hit a 3 run homerun to right field. 4-1.  He got a lot of hugs once he was back in the dugout.
Carlos Ruiz hit a single
Kike Hernandez also singled with Ruiz going to 2nd.
Kenta Maeda singled to center field scoring Ruiz but Kike was out on 3rd after the run scored.  5-1.  RBI for Kenta.
In the top of the 2nd inning, Ehire Adriana homered making the score 5-2.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Howie was hit by a pitch.
Corey singled, Howie to 3rd.
At this point, Matt Moore was pulled from the game.
He was replaced by Matt Cain.
Howie was hit by a pitch.  Justin hit a sacrifice fly scoring Howie.  6-2.

All of this action happened in the first 2 innings.  Hard to believe.

The Giants were out in order in the 3rd inning

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Ruiz singled.
With Kike batting, wild pitch by Matt Cain sent Ruiz to 2nd.
Charlie singled, Ruiz to 3rd.

Howie doubled scoring Ruiz and Charlie.  8-2.  It was starting to look like a runaway.  
In the 4th inning, Nunez walked.  Maybe that’s better since he seems to hit well against the Dodgers.

In the bottom of the 4th, Corey hit another single and then stole a base.  He was left on base.

In the 5th inning, Denard Span was able to hit a single but was left on base.

Jake Peavy came into the game in relief.
Kike walked
Andrew Toles came in to pinch hit.  He doubled to left field, scoring Kike 9-2.
Andre came in to pitch hit but struck out.
Julio Urias came in to relieve in the 6th inning.  Hunter Pence singled and then Brandon Belt doubled scoring Pence.  9-3.
Can’t go through the game without saying hi to my friends.  Their guest was the beautiful Alyssa.

At this point, it was time to get my cookies and ice cream.  I cheated a little and made a small root beer float with my ice cream.

In the top of the 8th, Alex Wood who just was activated from DL came in to relieve.  The Giants were out in order.

In the bottom of the 8th, the Dodgers also were out in order.

But we were happy with the score.
JP Howell came into the game to finish it up in the top of the 9th.  Ehire Adrianza singled.  We all groaned!!
And then it came to this.
Final out with Giant Jarrett Parker grounding out
And then the guys climbed over the dugout fence to run on the field to celebrate.
It was a feel-good victory for the Dodgers.  They had won the series against the Giants.  It was Puig’s game.  He had sparked the victory on Monday with his confrontation with Mad Bum.  His homerun on Wednesday started the Dodgers offense.  Who is a Puig hater now?
On Thursday the Rockies come to town with Brett Anderson fresh off of DL, 0-2 ERA 24.75.  WHAT??  Let’s hope there is a good outcome.  Brett faces Tyler Chatwood 11-9 ERA 4.13.  The Dodgers have a 6 game edge on the Giants for the National League West title.

Thanks for stopping by.  The final days of the regular season are dwindling down.  There are only 4 games left.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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