No Bueno

The magic number remains the same. Seven. SeVeN.  SEVEN.  The Dodgers were unable to score on Tuesday night being blanked out by the Giants.  The Giants are now in a 3 way tie for wild card thanks to the Dodgers.

Tuesday was game 76.  There are only 5 home games left of the regular season, 11 total games.  I had that fleeting thought that the Dodgers could end up not winning the Western Division.  After last nights frustrating game, anything could be possible.  It’s not that the Dodgers weren’t hitting…they had a total of 9 but the hits were all over the place.  It’s that RISP that were left on base.  

It was a beautiful day.  I was prepared for the usual chaos of bobblehead day.  The front gate was jammed with cars trying to get in.  Early entry is only for those season ticket holders with an MVP card.  Most cars were turned away but it added to the confusion.  That already started my first frustration.  There was a crowd at batting practice, people I have never seen before.  It was worse that day.

The guys were in a good mood after that nice 9th winning walkoff the night before.
Andrew Toles

It was good to see my friend Baseball Head.  He had some pics of Vinny on his face.

I snagged a few autographs on a batting practice ball for friends:  Brock Stewart, new callup Micah Johnson, Kenta Maeda.  Can you tell which is which?

I was so hungry.  I thought I should go to the club and eat before the crowd arrived.  On bobblehead days, there is usually a group in there who don’t know how to act.  The jerk ribs were amazing as was the chicken and rice.  The salads were as usual wonderful.  I was happy that it wasn’t packed yet.

I knew that there would be someone in my usual spot by the field  since I saw him earlier. He will purposely stand there knowing that is where I like to take my pictures.  Oh well.   I like my vantage point there because it’s easier to take pictures but I claimed a spot closer to the dugout instead.  I wasn’t in the mood for any conversation with him.  I was able to take a few pics of Yaz.
I absolutely know he wasn’t looking at me.
Orel Hersheiser uncharacteristically went into the stands to sign autographs.  There is usher of the year Peter guarding him from overzealous fans.
Rich Hill made his way down the field and threw a few warmup pitches.
Interview subject for SportsNet was Alex Wood who was activated from DL.  Bud Norris was DFA’d.  He looks happy to be back.
Familiar faces in the crowd.  So nice to see them!!!
The sky had turned into an gorgeous sunset.  None of the players signed autographs.
Always so serious
Rich made his way from bullpen to dugout.  He left Yaz behind.
Here he comes.
Sneak peek into the dugout.  There’s Trayce on the left.  I wish he was playing.
A discussion between bench coach and umpires
First pitch.  First batter=single.  No bueno.  Nunez was able to single to left field.  I had a bad feeling already.   No score.
Chase was able to also single in the 1st inning.
Corey followed with a single of his own.  Both were left on base.  That was the theme of the game for the Dodgers.  Enough hits but no runs.
In the 2nd inning, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt both singled but Crawford was out at third.

Brandon Crawford left the game with a dislocated little finger later that game.
Yaz singled in the 2nd inning.
Josh Reddick also was able to get a base hit.
It wasn’t that the Dodgers couldn’t get hits against Johnny Cueto.   I can’t believe he didn’t wear those neon orange shoes.
In the 3rd inning Corey hit a double
Adrian walked but both he and Corey were left on base.  How frustrating!!
In the top of the 4th inning, Brandon Belt struck out.  Rich Hill got out of a huge jam.  He showed his excitement.
In the bottom of the 4th inning, Josh Reddick hit another single but was left on base.
In the 5th inning, Nunez, who has been a Dodger killer this homestand, hit a homerun that hit a timer and bounced back on the field.  There was a review and it was ruled a homerun.  0-1.  It was shades of the game from the day before.  Behind by one but this time, not able to rebound.

Corey and Justin both had base hits in the 5th inning but were left on base.   AGAIN!!  I could only imagine Corey’s frustrations.  He certainly gave his gum a hard time.
In the top of the 6th inning, Buster Posey singled but was left on base.

You would think that since Johnny Cueto had to be taken out of the game because of a groin strain, the Dodgers would be able to get something together.  Wrong.  Although Andrew Toles and Josh Reddick both walked, Puig and Kike both struck out. Here we go again.
In the bottom of the 7th inning, Justin hit a base hit but was left on base.  No surprise there.

The final insult to the Dodgers was the Brandon Belt homerun in the top of the 9th inning with Grant Dayton pitching.  I have to confess that’s when I packed up my things and left.  I had enough.  I was almost home by the time the game was over.  It was a horribly long tortuous game.  Some games take everything out of you.  This was such a game.

Wednesday Kenta Maeda 15-9 ERA 3.24 will face Matt Moore 11-11 ERA 4.06.  Last time the Dodgers had to face Moore, he almost had a no-hitter except Corey was able to get a base hit.  Hopefully the Dodgers do better so our number will go down to 5.  It seems that the Dodgers like to keep us on edge until the last minute.   At least Wednesday is not a bobblehead day.

My friends had their Vin Scully experience.  I still am waiting to hear the details.  I did hear that besides Vinny, Steve Garvey made an appearance.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  Please please WIN!!

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