Last Homestand

It’s hard to believe that it’s the final homestand of 2016. How did the time go so fast?

What’s even more incredible is that 9 is our magic number. Any combination of Dodger wins and Giant losses would clinch the Western Division for the Dodgers. Since the Dodgers will face the Giants 3 games starting Monday, this could happen quickly providing the Dodgers can win. With a starting pitcher battery of Kershaw, Hill and Maeda, this is possible.

The season has had its up’s and downs hampered by a record number of injuries. Before the all star break, I never envisioned the Dodgers would be in this leading position. When Kershaw went on DL, we pretty much thought the season was over. But the unexpected happened, the Dodgers picked themselves up by the bootstraps and played their hearts out. And then the baseball gods were on our side.

One of my friends won a “meet Vin Scully” day on a radio program. It involves a suite Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. I may be the only Dodger fan who would not give an arm and a leg to meet the great Vinny. I’m not fond of suites. You watch the game from a seat up where the birds fly. The food isn’t as good as baseline: salad, Dodger dogs and sandwiches. I like to be next to the field where I can actually talk to the guys. But then again, I wasn’t invited anyway. Considering it’s one of the last games, I relish every second I have with my guys up close!

Like Corey…most likely the rookie of the year

My friends….!

I get distracted when I am too far away from the game. I might as well be at home watching it.

What meant more to me was seeing Darwin Barney again last week at Angel Stadium. I got misty eyed when he actually remembered me and gave me a familiar hug. The players seem to come and go like revolving doors. Baseball is a business. My friends tell me not to get too fond of any of the Dodgers because it’s almost a sure sign that he will be traded.  Therefore at this moment, I have no favorites.

Barney will always be my favorite no matter where he plays.
Monday Clayton Kershaw 11-3 ERA 1.81 faces Madison Bumgarner 14-9 ERA 2.66. I predict it will be a fast paced game. So I have to eat fast.

Seven home games to go. I know I will be wiping tears away all week.

Thanks for stopping by. It definitely will be an exciting week. EVERY GAME COUNTS! GO DODGERS!

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