Magic number for the Dodgers to clinch is now 10! Thank you Giants.

The Dodgers could theoretically clinch on Vin Scully weekend.  How cool would that be for our retiring Vinny?

The Dodgers pulled off another win in the desert thanks to a huge homerun by Joc.  The final score was us 6 and them 2.  Rookie Brock Stewart was able to get a win. Worrisome still is Kenley’s sore wrist and what about Puig’s absence. Now that he is back, he has become an integral part of the lineup.

I have to mention Corey Seager everyone’s favorite rookie getting 181 hits already this season.

Does anyone have a sweeter swing?
Sunday they will play the final game of this series with the D Backs. Jose De Leon 2-0 ERA 4.09 will face Robbie Ray 8-13 ERA 4.55. 

And then the Dodgers return Monday for the final home stand of this season. I’m sad but at least we have post season. I’ll miss all my friends. I’ll miss my Dodgers. And who knows what the 2017 Dodgers will look like. I’ll miss Vin Scully. I keep telling myself not to ever have any favorites. Baseball is a business.

Condolences to Yangervis Solarte of the San Diego Padres who lost his 31 year old wife to cancer on Saturday. They have 3 daughters. May she Rest In Peace. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully tomorrow the magic number will be “9.”

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