Yankees Game 2

Game 2 of the Yankees Dodgers game started out scoreless going into the 7th. Then with Ross Stripling pitching,  two Yankees hit back to back homeruns making the score 0-2.  Both players had not even started. The Dodgers were doomed.  Jesse Chavez did no better allowing another homerun making the final score 0-3.

Luckily the Giants also lost to the Padres so the Dodgers still lead the National League West by 4 games.

Today is not my day. I tried to update my iPhone and it totally crashed. That’s a trip to the Apple Store. That would be fine except that my knee makes this trip less than pleasurable.  My air pressure light is again lit up on my dashboard so that’s another trip to Firestone. That light seems to go on every 2 days. They checked everything Sunday and everything was good. This is not ok. Scary when driving on the freeway.

Wednesday Clayton Keyshaw 11-3 ERA 1.89 meets Michael Pineda 6-11 ERA 5.07. Hopefully the Dodgers can get a win. That definitely will make this day better. 

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!

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