Giants gaining

With the Marlins’ win on Sunday and also the Giants’ defeat of the D Backs, it appears that the Giants are getting their mojo back. They have won 3 games in a row. Of course we are talking about games against last place Arizona.  The Giants are now only 3 games behind the Dodgers in the National League West race.  

The Dodgers are facing the New York Yankees today with Jose De Leon 1-0 ERA 4.50 meeting Yankee Bryan Mitchell getting only his second start of the year.This will only be De Leon’s second MLB game.

I wonder, as probably many do, how AJ’s absence has affected Clayton Kershaw.  Remember his last start, the first since August, was his first without his best friend AJ.  AJ was his preferred catcher although Yaz has been doing an outstanding job.  We all know how emotions play a large part of the game in playoffs, especially with Clayton.  We will see.

It appears that seconds before the trade deadline, the Dodgers were ready to trade Yasiel Puig for Ryan Braun.  Are you kidding me??  Since returning from his punishment  in Triple A, he has done well.  Ryan Braun is 32 years old.  Yasiel is 22 years old.  Puig’s contract is $5.5 million.  Ryan Braun’s is $105 million over 5 years.  Yasiel has been a favorite of mine since he came to the Dodgers.  There are divided opinions about him but I only can say what I feel from personal experience.

My opinion about Rich Hill being pulled from his perfect game?  I have to trust that Dave Roberts did the right thing.  He has always been for the good of the team, not for the individual.  He is looking to the playoffs.  Rich Hill will be a big contribution providing the Dodgers make it.  If that infamous Rich Hill  blister broke loose and he missed another start or was placed on DL again, Dave Roberts would be blamed.  Considering we only have Kenta Maeda and a rehabbing Clayton, we need our pitchers.  We are lucky that the Dodger offense did so well when our rookies were pitching.

I’m planning on going to the Angels-Blue Jays game on Thursday.  I want to see Darwin Barney again.  I have a Barney Blue Jays shirt (yes, it actually is Dodger blue in color).  I’m hoping I can somehow hobble through that crazy parking lot at Angel Stadium and not get lost.  My other favorite Mike Bolsinger is still with the Toronto minor team so he won’t be at Angel Stadium.  Now that would be a tearful reunion.  I will always remember Darwin Barney for the once in a lifetime experience he gave me when we had clinched the Western Division one year.  I love you Barney.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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