Zack’s Return to LA

Monday was to be an exciting day.  Our Kenta Maeda was facing Zack Greinke in a match between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Dodgers.  Zack hadn’t pitched in Dodger Stadium since signing with the D Backs.

It was a special day also because thanks to my Dodger rep Tess Gilmore,  I was on the field.  I hadn’t been on the field since the first weeks of the season so it was a red letter day for me.  It hasn’t been a very good month for me because of my problematic knee.

I went up to suite level when I arrived to be escorted down to field level for my field experience.  The guys were already stretching.  I couldn’t wait.  My goal was to get as many pictures as I could and maybe an autograph or two.  
My first pic was with Charlie Culberson but his face turned out too dark.  The lighting can be an issue on the field.  Oh well!!!!

My second attempt was with Corey Seager.  He never minds taking pictures or signing autographs.

So I got his autograph too.  His is on top.  The one on the bottom is Rich Hill.

Rich was talking to a friend so we just waited until he was done.

He was nice enough to take a picture and also sign my ball.  I only got 2 autographs but those were the only two I asked for.

I was also lucky to get my picture with Kike.  He was very nice.

I was thrilled to get a shot with Jose De Leon.

Haha maybe this one is better.

Rob Segedin stopped to take a picture.

We went over the the D Backs side.  I had a picture taken with Paul Goldschmidt but it didn’t turn out so I omitted it.  What a disappointment.  

I like to stay on schedule so I felt a little rushed.  I was late.  It was hat giveaway day so I had to go to the front gate to get it. I then went to the club which was already getting crowded.  The food was really good.

I barely tasted it since I had to hurry to get to the field.  Of course there was someone standing in my spot.  He took up the whole area.  I didn’t feel like standing near him so I took another spot further down.  

Yaz walked down the field and stretched.
Jose De Leon was being interviewed on SportsNet.
Kenta Maeda made his way down the field and did his thing.
Chase was first on the field as usual.  I have learned to appreciate his professionalism and determination.  He stretched and then signed autographs as he has been doing every day.
Corey came out to stretch and signed for the fans.  I couldn’t believe how pushy and rude the fans were that day.
The National Anthem….what a face Kike!!!
Justin came out for a few seconds and ran back to the dugout
Yaz and Kenta made their way down the field with Will in the middle translating.  Yasiel Puig and Kenta have a nice relationship although neither speaks the others language.
First pitch and here we go!!
Jean Segura was able to hit a single off Maeda right off the bat but was left on base.  

In the bottom of the 1st inning Corey singled but was left on base.
It was nice to see Zack Greinke.  He was my favorite last year.  I was a little upset at the immature fans who insisted on booing and taunting him.  Who knows…he may be back next year.  For the first few innings, he seemed like the usual Zack Greinke.
In the 2nd  and 3rd innings, both teams were out in order.  

In the top of the 4th inning, the D Backs were out in order.  In the bottom of the 4th inning, the game took a turn.

At this point I noticed that Corey had torn his pants.  He had come close to our seats to make a defensive play.  OOPS!  Had to get a closeup of that. 

Corey doubled

And then Adrian Gonzalez hit the first homerun of the day scoring Corey.  2-0
In the top of the 5th inning, the D Backs were out in order.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Joc hit a solo homerun to center.  3-0.
Kenta Maeda hit a single
Chase Utley singled.
Corey then hit a 3 run homerun scoring Kenta and Chase.  6-0.
What was going on with Zack?  
Justin Turner hit a solo homerun making the score 7-0.
There must be something wrong with the ball.  I think it’s something wrong with the color of the uniform.  It should be a Dodger uniform.  He did well wearing Dodger blue.
Believe it or not, Yaz also hit a solo homerun making the score 8-0.  When the 5th inning started, the score was only 3-0.
At this point Zack was taken out and replaced by Silvino Bracho.
In the top of the 6th inning, the D Backs were out in order.  In the bottom of the 6th inning, Howie and Joc walked but were left on base.

In the top of the 7th inning the D Backs came to life.   Owings singled, Goldschmidt walked, Lamb singled scoring Owings. 8-1.

Louis Coleman replaced Kenta.  Kenta got a standing ovation when he left. Castillo popped out and Tomas was out with a fly to right field.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, the Dodgers were out in order.

Jesse Chavez  replaced Coleman.   Gosselin ground into a force out.  Brito walked, Owings hit a double scoring Gosselin 8-2.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Josh Reddick doubled.  
Howie walked.  Wild pitch by D Back Burgos scoring Reddick. 9-2.
Single by Chase Utley scored Howie.  10-2.  

Corey was only lacking a triple to hit for the cycle.  He ground out in the bottom of the 8th.  I was disappointed.  Corey has been setting records and is probably the top candidate for Rookie of the year.

Josh Ravin replaced Jesse Chavez.  Austin Barnes replaced Andrew Toles, Charlie replaced Utley, Segedin replaced Adrian.  It was a whole new team for the 9th.   Other than a walk to Lamb, the D Backs were out in order.
The last out was a fly ball to Josh Reddick.
It was a good day for the Dodgers.

It was a blowout against Greinke.  
It was a special birthday for Mila Blue who was gifted with a box of goodies from the 3rd base club.  Lucky Mila.  She is definitely a Dodger girl.  Notice her name?
On Tuesday  D Backs Shelby Miller 2-10 ERA 6.81 faces our Ross Stripling 3-6 ERA 4.15.  The Dodgers are now 4 games in front of the Giants.

This morning we are  invited to a luncheon at Dodger Stadium with Dave Roberts and Nomar.    So far Norma, Pat, Mika, Doug, Yoshiko and I will be there.  Should be fun.  And then there’s the game.  It will be a full day of Dodgers.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate everyone’s support.  Only 9 more home games left!!! GO DODGERS!!!

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