Hello Kitty Day

Everyone wanted to blame Hello Kitty for the loss on Friday against the Padres.  The Padres are in last place.  And then someone else wanted to blame the nuns who had attended the game.  Others blamed the fact that the Dodgers have a problem against left handed pitchers.  Probably the last fact might be more true than the others.

Friday started as a usual baseball day except the traffic was particularly horrendous.  It is Labor Day weekend.

There was early batting practice as usual.  Some of the guys were running.  The weather wasn’t too hot thank goodness.
I thought I saw Andre Ethier and I think he also spotted me.
I thought I should get a closeup to make sure.  Yup, it is Andre.
Some of the guys were batting
They all had some good stories to tell each other
New catcher Carlos Ruiz was out in the field
JP gave us a shout out as he ran down the field
Kenley thought he would assist the helpful HONDA people and level the field
The roster had expanded so it looked a bit crowded.  It was good to see Yasiel Puig back from triple A.   Austin Barnes, Josh Fields and Luis Avilan were also back.  Josh Ravin and Louis Coleman were activated from the disabled list.

Kenta and Will were having fun on the field

When they all went back into the clubhouse, Andrew Toles stopped to sign a few autographs.  He had waved to me from the field.  Maybe he is finally getting used to us.

Kenta with his shadow came out briefly and then went back in.

Clayton Kershaw teased someone with a ball.  No, she didn’t get it.

Dave Roberts stopped to say hi

It was great to see Andre Ethier.  He said he was going to be at Rancho for the next 3 days rehabbing.  The nice thing is that Clayton Kershaw is set to pitch a rehab game there on Sunday.  It will be like the good old days.

Since it was Hello Kitty Day, I had to rush up to Reserve Section to get my tee shirt.  I think I might have gotten the wrong size.  What do you think?  It probably would fit my son….nah…I don’t think he would wear it.  A thank you to Luke for helping me with the picture.  The tee shirt was available to those who bought a special ticket.

That threw me a little behind.  I had to rush down back to field level to get a photo op with Hello Kitty.

It was worth the wait.  Notice my Hello Kitty shoes?

I rushed to the club to eat and was so disorganized that I forgot to take a picture of the blackened chicken and the BBQ tri tip.  I did take a picture of the salad.

In fact, here is another picture of the beautiful salad taken by Crystal.

I rushed back to the seats and was perturbed that Julio was already halfway down the field and Yaz had already stretched.  I was really late.  I’m worse than the players about my routine on game day.
I got in a few shots of Julio.  I was wearing my new Julio tee shirt.
Jerry Hairston
Hello Kitty
Eric Dickerson who threw out the first pitch
More pics of Julio.
Jesse psyched me out wearing his hoody.  I thought it was Brett.
Adrian received an award for player of the month for August.
Every one loves Corey
I won’t mention any names as to who loves him most.  Here’s a hint.
I was anxious to see Yasiel but as it usually is with me, I got plenty of views of his back.
He had a chit chat with a Padre

Hello Kitty was actually walking down the field toward me.  So excited.

And took a cute selfie with me.  That made my day.  She’s peeking behind me.

And then she ran away.
The National Anthem
And Hello Kitty rode off into the sunset.

Yasiel stopped to sign autographs but first he gave me a big hug.  One of the fans (adult)  stated that it’s the players’ job to sign autographs.  How ignorant is that?  I told her it was their job to win games and hopefully the World Series.  Uh yeah.  

Yaz and Julio on their way to the dugout.
Julio prepared himself.
First pitch
Since the Giants had already lost to the Cubs earlier Friday, we had great hopes that the Dodgers could extend their lead.  After all, the Dodgers were playing the Padres.  However it wasn’t to be.  The Dodgers managed to get 13 hits but left 11 on base.  The problem didn’t appear to be the hitting, it was hitting at the right time.

The first two innings seemed to take forever…actually it took almost an hour to get to the third inning.  In the top of the first, Meyers was hit by a pitch and then stole 2nd base.  He advanced to third with a throwing error.  Alex Dickerson was also hit by a pitch and then stole 2nd base.  

Howie Kendrick singled in the bottom of the first inning, the first of 4.
Justin Turner also singled but both he and Howie were left on base.  This seemed to be a repeat offense by the Dodgers the entire game:  leaving everyone on base.
In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Yaz hit a single but was left on base.
Very frustrating
In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Howie singled again.
Corey walked.
Adrian singled
But Yasiel struck out leaving both on base.
In the bottom of the 4th inning, Kike Hernandez hit a double
Joc singled scoring Kike
The Dodgers scored. 1-0.

Julio was hit in the fingers when attempting a bunt.  A huge scare for us.

Howie singled but was left on base along with Joc who was then on 2nd.  
In the bottom of the 5th inning, Yasiel singled but was left on base.
In the top of the 6th inning, Solarte singled and Dickerson was hit by a pitch.  Jesse Chavez replaced Julio.  Derek Norris doubled scoring Solarte and Dickerson.  The Padres pulled ahead. 1-2.
In the bottom of the 6th inning, Joc hit a solo homerun tying the score.  2-2.  Josh Reddick singled.  Howie hit another single but both Josh and Howie were left on base.  
Grant Dayton replaced Jesse Chavez.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Yasiel singled again but was left on base.
Adam Liberatore replaced Grant Dayton.  Adam hasn’t been the same since coming back from DL.  Solarte hit a solo homerun.  2-3.  Dickerson walked.  Louis Coleman replaced Adam Liberatore.  Adam Rosales walked.  Coleman was replaced by JP Howell.  Brett Wallace singled scoring Dickerson.  2-4.  Did bad go to worse with each Dodger pitching change?

I have to confess I left in the 9th inning.  The way it was going, I knew that it would be a Dodger defeat.  I usually can tell if it will go our way.  I had a definite feeling that this would not be a Dodger victory.  Sadly, I was right.  It started out as a fun day however but became frustrating.

Saturday our Rich Hill 10-3, ERA 2.09 will face Luis Perdomo 7-7 ERA 5.84.  Hopefully Yasiel will be called on to start again in right field.

There is only one more homestand left.  Twelve more home games.  The season is drawing to a close.  Hopefully the Dodgers can win the Western Division.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  Have a great day.

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