On the Road

The Dodgers were rained out yesterday in Colorado so today they will be playing a doubleheader, the first at 12:10 and the second at 5:10.  Meanwhile back in LA, the temperatures are soaring to the 90’s with plenty of sun.  The Dodgers lost the first game of the series on Monday with an embarrassing score of 1-8.

Maeda had pitched a decent game allowing only a 2 run homerun to Nick Hundley.  The damage started in the 7th inning when Adam Liberatore allowed singles to Descalso and Blackmon plus a walk to Raburn.  The score was then 0-3.  DJ LeMahieu doubled scoring Blackmon making the score 0-5.  Pedro Baez then took over for Liberatore making it even worse with a double to Arenado caroling LeMahieu.  0-6.  He then walked Dahl, allowed a single to Parra scoring Arenado 0-7. The final Rockie run came in the 8th when JP Howell replaced Baez.  JP allowed singles to pinch hitter Cardullo and Blackmon and a ground out to LeMahieu which scored Cardullo.  0-8.  Baez was sent to Double A Tulsa.

It is not good to only score one run in a hitters park.  The only Dodger run came in the 9th inning when Charlie Culberson ground out, scoring Andrew Toles who had hit a triple. 1-8.

Ross Stripling 3-5 ERA 4.13 will start in the first game against Tyler Anderson 4-5, ERA 3.69, another left handed pitcher.  In the second game Rich Hill 10-3 ERA 2.09 will face Jeff Hoffman 0-2 ERA 8.10.  Hopefully the Dodgers can win at least one game.  The Giants lost last night which gives brought the Dodgers back to 2 games on top of the National League West.

Meanwhile back in Long Beach, I’m nursing my still painful knee.  Ouch.  


I enjoyed an In-N-Out hamburger, always good.  I haven’t gone to work because of my knee so I am trying to rest but there always is time for In-N-Out.

Somehow a nail found its way to the side of my front right tire, of course the location making it impossible to fix.  How does a nail end up on the side of a tire?  Thankfully I had the foresight to get insurance on those expensive $500 tires.  It cost only $50 plus they washed it.  

I came across my all time favorite picture.  I took it after it had rained.   Clayton had been working out and had sat down to meditate.  I saw the rainbow and was lucky to catch this wonderful shot of him.  Update on Clayton…he has been throwing to hitters.  Progress!!  Brett Anderson and Scott Kazmir also are progressing well.  With a battery of Kershaw, Maeda, Hill, Kazmir and Anderson, we should be fine.  Scott Van Slyke won’t be back because of his wrist.  There is a chance that Andre Ethier and Trayce Thompson will be in the expanded roster.  I have missed Andre this season.  His smile always brightens everyone’s day.  

Hope everyone is doing well while the guys are on the road.  They return on Friday to face the Padres.  It will be Hello Kitty Day.  Something to look forward to.  

Thanks for stopping by!  GO DODGERS!!!

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