A Farewell To AJ

What happens when your world is turned upside down?
When you can’t even muster a smile?
When all you can talk about is what happened?  Why did it happen?
When after  everything is explained, you still can only put your head down and cry.
When I arrived to early batting practice on Thursday, the news was still very new.  AJ Ellis, our backup catcher, best friend of Clayton Kershaw had been surprisingly traded to the Phillies for Carlos Ruiz. AJ was shocked and sad.  He had nothing negative to say, of course, because he is AJ.  I looked at this trade as proof that the owners look at the Dodgers as purely business.  It totally is my fault that I take things like this so personally and that I am taking this so badly.  I spent most of Thursday night crying quiet tears.  Why did this trade affect me so much?  I was devastated when Matt Kemp was traded.  I thought my world had ended earlier this season when Mike Bolsinger was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays.  But somehow this trade was different.  It was as though the Dodgers heart and soul had been shattered.
AJ had made my little girl so excited when he signed her first Dodger autograph.  She will always have that memory.
Even the food in the club couldn’t cheer me up.  That’s saying a lot.

A selfie with Jessie Chavez didn’t make me happier

Selfies with my friends made me feel a little better.  They are always there for me.  It’s been a very difficult week for me.
Yaz definitely wasn’t his usual cheery self
Yeah Cat…it hasn’t been the best day for any of us.
Ross Stripling came out to the field with his head down
Not much to smile about
Little Alec doesn’t really know who AJ is but he is happy about a Julio Urias autograph.  
He was lucky enough to get pictures with Rob Segedin and Charlie Culberson.
Rob is still on cloud nine.  Two homeruns and a new baby boy Robinson Marley will help make it better.
Not many smiles during the National Anthem.
Justin came out to the field briefly before going back to the dugout.  AJ passed on club leadership duties to Justin.
No big smiles from Corey even on his bobblehead day
Ok guys…straighten out!
Corey did not even sign on his bobblehead day.
Even though his number one fan Ashlyn was there, Corey never smiled.
Ross and Yaz walked across the field to the dugout without a smile
The umpires were the only ones with smiles.
I knew before the first pitch that the Dodgers would lose this game to the Giants.  I didn’t know that the game would be so terrible that it was almost a no-hitter for the Giants.
Matt Moore pitched a great game, but morale in the Dodger clubhouse couldn’t have been very good.  What happens to a team when such a trade happens so late in the season?  I have been criticized and scolded for my feelings but I can’t help it.  I love the Dodgers and when someone on the team is hurting, it also hurts me.  During the baseball season, the Dodgers become a large part of my life.  Their up’s and downs are mine as well.
The Dodgers were only able to pull off a couple of walks during the game.  It ended up 0-4, only a base hit by Corey Seager in the 9th with two out prevented Michael Moore from getting a no-hitter.  I left before the end of the game because I was so miserable.  I limped my way to the parking lot and left.  For once I didn’t listen to the game on the way home.  I didn’t want to hear about a no-hitter on one the worst days of my life.

Reading all the goodbyes on Twitter this morning made me cry all over again.  Is there anyone on the team who is happy about AJ being traded?  No one.

We can all rationalize that getting Carlos Ruiz will be good for the team.  I hope so.  I want everything to be ok.  I hope he is a good fit for the Dodgers.  The guys already had great chemistry and to rock the boat so late in the season may be detrimental.  The owners are more involved in the stats and not so much in anything else except maybe the Puig punishment banishing him to minors.  He could hit 50 homeruns and he will still languish there.  So Thursday’s trade proved something….that no Dodger is safe.  

Friday will be the first game of the Cubs series.  With Dodger pitching in such a turmoil, it isn’t a good time to face the number one MLB team.  Bud Norris 6-10 ERA 4.69 will face Mike Montgomery 4-5 ERA 2.41.  I hope the Dodgers don’t slide back into second place.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate all your support.  GO DODGERS!!!


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  2. Toni Cecchetti

    Cat–I feel your pain. I feel the same way when one of my Giants gets traded. You know how we Giants fans are, we love to hate the Dodgers, but it is affection for a tradition, not out of dislike for any individual player. I can honestly say I was shocked and dismayed by AJ’s trade to the Phillies. He has earned a great deal of my respect as a good sport and a great Dodgers leader. It will be a bittersweet day when Kershaw–a pitcher I admire as one of the best in the bigs–comes back, only to have to pitch to a new battery mate. You have my heartfelt sympathy–from one passionate fan to another. Toni, SF Giants GamerBabe

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