Dodger Debut

It was the long awaited Dodger debut of newly (kind of) acquired starting pitcher Rich Hill.  The debut had been delayed several times before we were able to actually see him pitch.  We were not disappointed.
Tuesday began as usual with early batting practice.  The Dodgers had flown in late the previous day so I wasn’t sure whether there would be one.  But they were out there in the field shagging balls.  It was good to see Andre Ethier again.  I spotted him right away.  I recognize his walk.
Birthday boy Kike Hernandez was sporting those great striped socks.
And signed a couple of autographs at the dugout.  I saw his girlfriend Mariana at club level with their dog Arizona.  The whole family was there.

It was healthcare appreciation day so I made that long trek to reserve level to get my scrub top.  With my injured knee I felt like I had travelled across the continent by the time I got to my destination.

Then I had to walk all the way back to the club to eat.  My knee felt thoroughly punished.

The food was an instant cure for my aching knee.  It did also help that I was finally able to sit down and rest it.  The beef brisket and horseradish sauce was pure heaven.  The tasty morsels melted in my mouth.  The Spanish chicken was marvelous.  The accompaniments included a baked potato dish that was wonderful and yummy salads.  I tried to psych myself up for the walk back to the seats.
There were two cute fans blocking my view of the field.  I’m short so it helps to stand on the step that they were standing on so I can be eye level to the field.  Oh well…my day had not been going so well anyway.
One thing I will never take for granted is the wonderful staff at Dodger Stadium.  Here are two of my favorites.  They always have a cheery smile for me.  
Yaz walked by with all his equipment.  I usually am able to get a photo of his back.  It was especially difficult since I had those kids in my way.
So I really think that Yaz is giving me the stink eye while he pulls out his not-pink drink.  This homestand he has changed his drink to something brown.  
Yes…that brown drink.
He continued with his usual stretching and throwing routine.
And then came Mr Rich Hill.  We have all impatiently waited for him to throw his first pitch.  He had been acquired from the Oakland A’s at trade deadline.  He has not pitched because of a blister on his hand.  The Dodgers seriously needed a starting pitcher considering there had been so many injuries, the latest being Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson.  The only original starting pitcher left was Kenta Maeda.
These are my first pictures of him.
I’m proud of these pictures since I did not have a clear view.  
Chase as usual was the first one out.  
Corey was next.  Corey fans were out in full force.  But who doesn’t love Corey Seager?
The trainer came out with his whips and chains to make sure everyone was doing their stretches.  Where is everyone?
Corey had a 14 game hitting streak on the line but went hitless on Tuesday.
Chase signed autographs for a few fans.  He has been signing since the Phillies came to town.
The National Anthem.  Hi Scott.  Kike must have stepped in some of Johnny Cueto’s gum.
More Corey pictures.  The requests keep on coming.
And then the star of Tuesday’s game came out briefly to stretch:  Justin Turner.
Yaz, Rich and Honey made their way across the field.  Much discussion between pitcher and catcher.
And then Joc came out to show us his striped socks.
To the kids’ delight, Corey stopped and signed a few autographs.

And ran back to the dugout.
A smiling Kenta
Charlie, Trayce and Ross with Tommy photobombing in the background.  The guys are in good spirits having defeated the Giants the day before.  We were all hoping for a sweep but lefty Johnny Cueto was on the mound for the Giants.
The umpires 
Interesting that one of the umpires came up to the Dodger fans and offered a ball to one of the kids.
Rich prepared for his first pitch.  We really did not know what to expect since he had not pitched since July.
He was a wonderful surprise.  He was sharp with a mean curve ball.  We all breathed sighs of relief.
It was a pitchers’ duel for sure.  It could have been boring but we all were entranced by our new pitcher.  The first inning, the Giants were able to hit two singles, one by Buster Posey and the other by Hunter Pence.  They were fortunately left on base.  The Dodgers were out in order.

In the second inning, Ehire Adrianza singled but also was left on base.  Still no score.

Yaz walked but Josh Reddick and Joc both were unable to score him.
In the 3rd inning, Buster Posey again was able to hit a single but was again left on base.   The Dodgers were out in order.

In the 4th inning, Gorkys Hernandez singled but was left on base.  No score yet.  We all were still interested.  The two pitchers were able to keep the opposing teams scoreless.

Johnny Cueto is fun to watch.  I had hoped that the Dodgers could somehow get him before the trade deadline.  He only made one mistake and that was to the wrong person…or should I say the right person, Justin Turner.
Justin hit  a solo homerun to left center field.  It was enough for Cueto to spit out his gum and throw it to his dugout.  1-0.
Also in the 4th inning Adrian Gonzalez singled to right field.  
Yaz struck out swinging and Adrian was caught stealing 2nd.  The score was still 1-0.
In the 5th inning the Giants were out in order.

Howie Kendrick doubled but was left on base with Rich Hill striking out.
Aha…I can get Rich out.  He came from the American League.  True that.
At least he can pitch.  Maybe not so good at bunting or hitting since in the American League, pitchers don’t have to hit.
The 6th inning found everyone out in order except Justin who hit a single with 2 out.  He was left on base.

In the top of the 7th inning,  Rich was replaced by Pedro Baez and then Adam Liberatore in the same inning.  The Giants were unable to score.
In the bottom of the 7th inning, Yaz singled to left field but was left on base.  So far only Justin was able to score.  The score was still 1-0.

Joe Blanton replaced Adam Liberatore in the 8th inning.  Angel Pagan walked and Hunter Pence singled with Pagan going to third.  Thankfully, Brandon Crawford was out with a fly ball to right field, Josh Reddick making a fantastic catch at the wall.
Josh Reddick has not made a splash yet with the Dodgers.  He shaved his beard off so maybe that’s the key to his luck turning.

I was pleasantly surprised by my good friend Marynell who stopped by my seat.  She had come with co workers from County.  I look terrible.  I think my knee pain is getting the better of me.  It is very depressing.

Back to the game..  Kenley Jansen replaced Joe Blanton to close the game in the 9th inning.

The guys were in good spirits.  The big guy would get the save.
Tensions were high.
Kenley spoke briefly to Yaz about strategy or maybe about what they would eat after the game.  Whatever it was, it worked.
Everyone was ready for the final out.  It was a hard fought battle between two awesome pitchers:  Cueto and Hill.  Kudos to both of them.
The final pitch with Adrianza striking out.  The Dodgers win 1-0, the second game of the series.
I love these victory pictures:  notice that Clayton ALWAYS looks excited.  And also notice Andre with the guys.  So good to see him.
Thursday is the final game of the series with our Ross Stripling 3-4 ERA 4.04 meeting Matt Moore 7-10 ERA 4.18.  The Dodgers are now 3 games on top of the NL West, a season high.  Corey has to start another hitting streak.  Adrian has an MLB best 17 game hitting streak.  GO ADRIAN!!

Thanks for stopping by.  The Dodgers-Giants games are always the best.  Today is Corey Seager bobblehead day.  Can I say again, I hate bobblehead days?  See you soon.  GO DODGERS!!  Sweep the Giants!

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