The Pirate Adventure

It definitely was a Pirate adventure over the weekend in more ways than one.  The Pirates took the series 2 games out of 3.  Two of the games were day games and of course the temperature was spiking the 80’s and 90’s.  The Friday game was special to me because me son and his kids were visiting.  They are all baseball fans, specifically Dodger fans.  The kids had never been to Dodger Stadium so it was a fun-filled adventure for them…a Pirate adventure.  Unfortunately that game was not one that the Dodgers won.

I decided they should sit in baseline so I invested in 4 tickets so I could sit with my family.  I told my son that we would have to be at the stadium early.  My son knows me well enough to know that I am early to everything.  Arriving 3 hours before game time didn’t really surprise him.  Unfortunately I injured my right knee at work so I had a difficult time walking.  Every step was torture.  I was determined to show my family a good time no matter what.  It surely didn’t help that the Dodgers lost miserably. It didn’t matter to them.

The older of the children, Caitie, is a lot like me.  She knows how to set her priorities.  When I mentioned autographs, she knew exactly what to do.  My son didn’t believe that she knew exactly what an autograph is at the tender age of 7.  Being adorably cute doesn’t hurt either.

It was a great batting practice day.  Everyone was out there.

That included my twins.

Serious business

Even this guy was at the game.

Now when do I get this ball signed???

Steve Yaeger the catching coach was first to sign.  What a thrill for Caitie.  The second to sign was my heart, Shawn Green.

AJ also signed her ball.  He is a very difficult autograph to snag.  Lucky Caitie.
Chase Utley was first out to stretch.  Because of that, Caitie asks all the time how Chase is.  However she decided that Corey was her favorite.

My family definitely knows how to enjoy the in seat food.
National Anthem 
Corey accidentally misstepped coming out of the dugout and fell flat on his back.  I don’t think anyone else noticed except me.
He ran out to the field as though nothing happened but he didn’t sign any autographs just in case someone had seen what had happened.  Poor Caitie would have loved to get an autograph.

The food in the club was good as usual.

Caitie was lucky and snagged Julio Urias’s autograph.

Not bad for a first timer, eh?

Maybe the ice cream with candy made her happier…after all, she is only 7 years old.

The evening ended with a fantastic fireworks display to the music of Elvis Presley.

It was a great night.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry I haven’t been able to write but will get back next homestand.  Thanks for supporting me anyway.  I appreciate all your get well wishes.  GO DODGERS!!!

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