Star Wars Night

It was a special night Friday night.  Besides being Star Wars Night, it was most possibly the best win for the Dodgers this season, a come from behind victory over the D Backs.
The Dodgers were well into batting practice by the time I came to the field.  They were sure to stay hydrated.  It’s been horribly hot.  It would be in the 80’s at game start.  JP, Brandon McCarthy and AJ.  
Lots of love on the field
Corey and Kenley
More hydration.  Add Adam Liberatore and Pedro Baez to the group
Ok, whose turn is it?
I think the storm troopers from Star Wars just landed
They’re close….they really are.
Wait….hold the Star Wars guys.
Let me be one of the helpful HONDA people and make the landing successful.

Let’s go in before they arrive

Caught Master Puig as he went in…he made a loud kissing sound as he walked by me.  Hehe.
Scotty hurried in
Scott Kazmir flashed us a smile and a thumbs up

Chris Taylor 

And Dave Roberts hurried in for the meeting after giving us a smile

I was headed up to Reserve Level to get the Star Wars tee shirt.  It seemed a light year away  with my aching knee barking the entire way.

Some Star Wars fans were in costume

Sammy was there coordinating the event.  Always good to see him.  Hi Sammy.

There are some interesting special events coming up.  There also is a Hello Kitty night which had been added.

It was another long walk to the club, like to another galaxy but the food was well worth it.  They were serving my favorite bases loaded macaroni salad well worth the walk.  The chicken with herbs also was juicy and scrumptious.
I hurried back to the field in time to see Yasmani as he walked from the dugout.
Alanna and Orel were interviewing Ross Stripling
Birthday girl on the left celebrating with Star Wars night.
Mika brought her custom made sweatshirt to show Kenta.
Yaz was warming up
The twins finally returned to the Stadium. Come on….smile for the camera Klayton.
There we go…he remembered me…the crazy lady with the camera
Duke was already on another planet
These crazy Americans and Star Wars….!
The famous Kenta Maeda stretching and warming up routine
Chase Utley with his remarkable flexibility
Andrew Toles waved at me.  Usually when fans call out the players names, they become hard of hearing.  On that particular Star Wars Day they all could hear me and waved.
Even Joc
And Corey….Hello Corey
Maeken warmed up
The guys ran and stretched
The trainer came out with his whips to make sure everyone was warming up.  Scary!
I’m stretching…I’m stretching…this is me stretching.
Star Wars is everyone’s favorite event, well maybe not AJ’s youngest.  It can be a little scary.  
Really scary.
The National Anthem.  Where is everybody?
Still stretching…everybody just leaves me here.
Cece and Norma
Norma with the Star Wars crew photobombing.  Beautiful Norma.
Yaz, translator Will and Kenta, Honey the pitching coach
Will busily translating
The job for Will never ends
Corey went back to the dugout without signing
So did Joc
What’s with these autographs???
The Force was definitely with the Dodgers.  They are within one game of the Giants who continue to lose.
The Dodgers good luck charms:  Klayton and Duke
Lots of prayers before the first pitch.
How did Kenta keep his balance is my question?  Is this anatomically possible?  No trick photography.
In the first inning, Dodger killer Paul Goldschmidt singled at his first at-bat.  

In the second inning the D Backs were out in order.

In the second inning, Adrian Gonzalez singled
Andrew Toles walked.  Adrian went to second.
And then Joc doubled, scoring Adrian and Andrew.  2-0.
In the third inning, Corey hit a single but was left on base.
In the 4th inning, Howie walked.
And with a wild pitch by D Backs pitcher Zack Godley, Howie went to 3rd.  The dark D Backs uniforms definitely make them look like the bad guys.
Andrew Toles doubled, scoring Howie.
The score was now 3-0.
The game seemed to be going well until the  top of the 7th inning.  That inning was a wild one lasting one hour 13 minutes.  Goldschmidt singled, Wellington Castillo doubled, scoring Goldschmidt.  Kenta immediately got the hook by the boss.  That was a controversial decision since the bullpen just seemed to falter when they took over.

Adam Liberatore allowed a walk with Castillo on base.  Liberatore was immediately replaced by Joe Blanton.

That resulted in singles by Tomas and Owings.  The score then was 3-2.  The Dodger lead had dwindled down to only one.
Stress time for Joe.  Pinch hitter Rickie Weeks Jr walked scoring Brandon Drury tying the game.  3-3.  I was upset by that time.  What the heck happened??
Of course Joe Blanton had to get the hook by then but the damage was already done.  Would this inning ever end??  You could see the frustration in Corey’s face.  Luis Avilan replaced Joe but he allowed a single by Michael Bourn scoring Tomas.  The D Backs gained the lead, 3-4.
By this time, Corey looked very upset.  The guys look in general very unhappy.
Pedro Baez came into the game in relief replacing Luis.  But Baez immediately allowed a Goldschmidt double scoring Owings, Weeks and Bourn.  The score went to 3-7 just like that.  I was considering leaving but I’m glad I didn’t.  I had a feeling that the Dodgers would fight back and that the force was with them.  Finally the D Backs were out and the top of the 7th was over.
Meanwhile I finished all my in-seat food:  two kinds of nachos and salad.  Nervous eating.
Andrew Toles started the Dodger rally in the 7th with a single.
Jock came up to bat with a little trepidation.
Andrew was ready.
And Joc hit a huge bomb into right center field scoring Andrew.  5-7.  The Dodgers were not giving up.  This 7th inning was something else.  It was very emotional. Sad, glad, mad, happy, relief.  It was an entire gamut of feelings.  
The D Backs were obviously upset.  They could feel the Dodgers creeping up on their lead.  Whose fault is it???
Scott Van Slyke walked.  This was a very important walk.
Because Chase Utley then hit a homerun scoring Scotty making it a tie score. 7-7.  Who would have believed this could happen??
Corey doubled which prompted a big D Back conference.
What to do…what to do.  We are a sorry team with ugly uniforms.  Maybe we should cut them up.
What you do is intentionally walk Adrian Gonzalez.  You never know what damage he could do.
Meanwhile back at the ranch,  Corey is a little bored.
Yasiel Puig sacrificed…Corey to 3rd.  We were excited to see Yasiel who had not played because of a sore hamstring.  He had not been placed on DL but we were just waiting to see what would happen.
Yasmani singled, Corey scored, Adrian to 3rd.  8-7.  The Dodgers were ahead again.  We were still in the 7th inning.  Yikes!!!
With Andrew Toles batting, Yasmani stole 2nd base.  Then Andrew struck out finally ending that long 7th inning.
Louis Coleman came into the game in relief but was quickly replaced after allowing a single.
Kenley Jansen came into the game responsible for the last 4 outs.  I keep looking at Corey’s body language.  Has he looked put out most of the game, standing by himself during these group discussions?  Kenley facilitated the last out.
In the bottom of the 8th inning,  Chase Utley walked.

Corey doubled, scoring Chase.  9-7.

High fives all around.

Kenley picked up another save.  Dodgers beat the D Backs with a score of 9-7.  I never would have thought it was possible.  

What a great feeling it was.  Star Wars Night.  A huge Dodger win.  A fulfilling night with good friends.  I wonder where Yoshiko is.  Where are you?  I know you aren’t playing with your puppy Clayton  instead of coming to the games.  Welcome back to my buddy Crystal.  I missed you.
On Saturday Scott Kazmir 9-3, ERA 4.35 will meet D Backs pitcher Braden Shipley 0-1, ERA 10.13.  10.13??? Really?  It is a short homestand compared to most of them.  They will face the D Backs for the final game on Sunday before going on the road again.  

Thanks for stopping by.  It was a nice win Friday night.  Hoping for a sweep and a Giants loss.  Nice surprises all around.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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