Premium Batting Practice

It was a nice day overall.  The annual premium batting practice took place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We decided to attend on Wednesday.  We were given New Balance tee shirts as we signed up.  We had to sign waivers releasing the Dodgers from any injuries we might incur while practicing batting, throwing and shagging balls.  I wonder if this includes eating too much.
We had pictures taken as we entered the stadium.  Notice that I am NOT wearing Dodger attire.

We found a table in the shade.

The field was set up for batting practice.  Many fans came prepared for some serious batting.  The Dodgers were on the Jumbotron playing the Nationals in DC.

We were more interested in the food.

The menu was impressive.  The food was good.

I fixed a plate full of goodies.

The decorations were imaginative.

It was a fun time with good friends who all have a love of baseball.

It was awesome to see my name up on the marquee

Norma invited CJ who actually is a Giants prospect.  He is a future Dodger.  We’re trying to convince him.

He looks pretty good out there.

The Dodgers bullpen from inside

The view of the field from inside the bullpen cubby.  This is where Steve Yaeger sits during the game.

The phone in the bullpen that rings when a relief pitcher is called on

We need Baez right now.

Funny stuff written by the pitchers on the walls in the bullpen
Here I am in the bullpen with CJ in the background

OK you’re up.  Go get em!!!!

Time for a stadium tour of the secret places.  Here is Pat sitting in the old visitors locker room.

Clayton’s MVP award, the only one ever won by a pitcher

The World Championship trophies

Dodger uniform rules

The elevators that the Dodgers use to get to the clubhouse and parking lot

The Jon SooHoo bobblehead

The outside of the Dodger clubhouse.  No pictures allowed inside.  Any pictures taken are deleted by staff

The hot seat

Players and coaches are not often smiling when sitting at this Mike

Always have to end the tour at the Dodger bathroom, the one they use in between innings

Andre’s frustration place

One of the guys put Kike’s fathead on the wall.  Pretty nice.

Time for ice cream

Ryan looks like a natural in the Dodger dugout

On the other end of the world, in Washington DC, at Nationals Park, coincidentally my friend JoAnna and my son Philip attended the Dodgers/Nationals game.  Unfortunately the Dodgers lost the game 1-8.  The Nationals were able to hit 3 homeruns and a steal home on 9 hits.  The Dodgers had only 4 hits, Kendrick (who has a 12 game hitting streak), Van Slyke, the often maligned Puig, and fresh from the minors Charlie Culberson.  

They still had fun.  My son Philip, Caitie and Gracie all wearing Dodger attire in a sea of red.

A little cotton candy goes a long way.  The girls are big Dodger fans.

Thank you JoAnna for the great pics of Nationals Park.  This is JoAnna’s 24th stadium.  At least it didn’t rain.
The series with the Nationals is tied.  Thursday Stephen Strasburg 13-0 ERA 2.51 will face our teenager Julio Urias 1-2 ERA 4.95.  Julio always seems to be facing the Aces of first place teams.  In the minors Julio has been pitching in relief.  Back to the majors in a starting role again.  

What to do.  What to do.  There are only 33 home games left.  All the Dodgers seem to have been on DL at one time or another.  The trade deadline is looming.  The biggest rumor is the Puig trade one.  Why trade an outfielder when we already are lacking one.  Andre Ethier’s return to the team is uncertain.  Ryu is done for the season as is Alex Wood.  Kershaw’s return is also uncertain.  Chris Hatcher went on DL yesterday with that oblique thing.  We all knew that was coming.  So the Dodgers have Maeda, Kazmir, McCarthy, and fill in the blanks.  Julio is a temporary fix.  Norris pretty much tanked Wednesday.  He would be better suited in the bullpen.  Trayce and Kike are also on DL, their return anyone’s guess.  Corey Seager is still sick.  Hopefully it’s not something more serious.  Maybe it’s all star game-itis.  Everyone expects the management to acquire a a big arm.  Why they didn’t do that before is anyone’s guess.  And it’s always back to why they didn’t resign Greinke.  Getting an average pitcher will not do it if they expect to go to the playoffs. 

Charlie Culberson has already been sent down.  A new pitcher from minors up…Grant Dayton.

My traditional yearly dugout picture.

The Dodgers don’t return to Dodger Stadium until Tuesday.  How the team will look will be anyone’s guess.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!  BEAT STRASBURG!!


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