While They are Away

My friend at work predicted that the Giants would tank and start losing after the All Star Break.  Unfortunately, the Dodgers have also been losing.  The Giants have lost 3 in a row, the Dodgers 2.  

One problem is the injuries.  However many of the pitchers will soon be back, foremost Clayton Kershaw who may be returning sometime this week.  Also there are pitchers Alex Wood and Brett Anderson.  Joc Pederson also many return soon.  On DL are Trayce Thompson and Kike Hernandez making the bench short.  It is the time during the season that players go on DL.

The Dodgers will be playing the Washington Nationals for a 3 game series.  

When the Dodgers are in Washington DC, my son takes the kids. Notice they are wearing Dodger attire in enemy territory. Very brave!

The kids have fun if they keep getting food. 

Unfortunately when the Dodgers are out of town I tend to do some shopping.  My newest acquisition is the new Kindle Oasis.  It’s the best one yet, very small and light.

It’s better when the Dodgers are out of town.  I can’t go shopping.
I’m hoping that the Dodgers can pick up their offense this coming series.  They will face the Cardinals next before returning to Dodger Stadium on the 26th to face the Rays.

On Wednesday I’m going to a special Premium batting practice with my friends.  No Dodgers of course because they are on the road but it should still be fun.  There will be a tour of the stadium and food.  I’ll share my experience with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!

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