All Star Break

Very quiet around here.  The Dodgers are on vacation, three went to San Diego for the All Star festivities:  Clayton, Kenley and Corey.  The others spent time with their families and friends.  I’m working a lot and learning to color on my IPad.  Not too bad for a newbie, eh?

Corey Seager all of 22 years old attended his first All Star Game.  He struck out his first and only at bat.  He didn’t win the Homerun Derby.  But what an experience for wonderful Corey.  The National League lost home field advantage for the World Series by losing to the American League 4-2.  Oh well.  

The San Diego crowd showed their class by jeering and booing at our Dodgers.  Seriously…booing Clayton Kershaw, probably the best living pitcher?  

That’s as bad as not cheering Sandy Koufax.  
The Dodgers begin the second half of the baseball season in second place.  They are behind 6 1/2 games.  They are however first in Wild Card.  Things could be much worse with ace Clayton Kershaw on DL.  No word on when he will return.  Brandon McCarthy is back and pitching well considering he is s/p Tommy John surgery.  Ryu is also back but is a work in progress as he regains what he had before going on DL in 2014.  Kenta Maeda continues to shine.  Scott Kazmir has been surprising everyone with his determination.  The bullpen has had its up’s and downs but all in all has been outstanding.  Not enough credit has been given to Adam Liberatore and Pedro Baez.  And Kenley is simply the best closer in baseball.

Can anyone argue that Corey Seager is the best rookie in baseball?  

No one dare argue with me that Dodger fans are the best in baseball.

The Dodgers have to be the best looking team in baseball

Anyone want to argue with me about that?
The Dodgers will meet the D Backs in Arizona on Friday with Bud Norris 4-7, ERA 3.98 and the D Backs still trying to figure it out.  You have one day guys.  The Dodgers have 3 games in Arizona, 3 games in Washington DC, and then 3 games in St. Louis before returning to Dodger Stadium on July 26.  That is 12 days away.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks for stopping by.  Life is boring without the Dodgers.  What will I do when it’s off season???

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