Ending On a High Note

As Howie Kendrick said after the game on Sunday, the Dodgers were ending on a high note.  It was the last game before the all star break, the halfway point of the baseball season.

It was a gorgeous weekend.  The weather was perfect.  It couldn’t have been any better.
There was the usual early batting practice.

Chris Taylor was nice enough to sign autographs and take a selfie with me.  He has the bluest eyes.

Clayton Kershaw went out to talk to the enemy.

Puig was busy running in and out of the clubhouse.
I thought I would go up to the club to eat.  The food was absolutely fantastic.  The tri tip was the best.  I know I ate too much.
Jason Tingley, the executive chef at Dodger Stadium, always asks me how the food is.  

I couldn’t stop eating but I remembered I had to go back down to the field to watch the dogs on parade.

I always think that owners and dogs tend to look alike.  These pictures were taken randomly.  Tell me what you think.
Interesting owners and dogs
Like I said…..!
It was nice to see my friend Cari again.  She brought her little friend.
My friend Norma loves the dogs.  After all she is a veterinarian.  The best place to take your sick dogs and cats is her hospital, Bay Cities Pet Hospital in Torrance California.  The animals absolutely love her.  My sister’s cats adore her although they hate me.
JP Howell and his wife Heather were judges for the dog parade.
Yasmani walked across the field but was careful to watch for anything the dogs might have left.
He’s always careful to hydrate with his favorite pink drink.
Brandon McCarthy our starting pitcher came out shortly after that.  He had a wonderful outing last time he pitched.
I know I saw some poop somewhere around here.  Still looking.
Chase was careful where he walked.
New call up from minors Andrew Toles signed a few autographs.
National Anthem
A little more stretching
Then Yasiel came out to stretch.  We had asked him why he didn’t usually come out with the guys to warm up and he said it was too hot.
Then Brandon McCarthy and Yasmani Grandal made that traditional walk from bullpen to dugout.
Justin Turner came out for a few minutes and then ran back to the dugout.
Trayce wasn’t starting so he took Brett Anderson’s place in the dugout complete with hoody.
The bench coach went out to make nice with the umpires.
It was an early game, starting at 4:15.  That was to accommodate a movie after the game.  They were showing Top Gun.  

It was nice to see Jack with his brother Brooks.  Jack was teasing me with a Padres hat.  Bad boy.
First pitch
The game didn’t start well.  In the first inning, first batter Travis Jankowski walked and then stole second with Yangervis Solarte batting.  Solarte hit a 2 run homerun making the score 0-2.  The Dodgers were already behind in the first inning!!

Chase Utley went to first on a throwing error.
Corey Seager singled, Chase to 2nd base.
Justin Turner hit into a double play, Corey out at 2nd.  Chase to 3rd.

Adrian Gonzalez doubled, Chase scored. 1-2.
Yasiel singled, Andre to 3rd.  But Yasmani struck out ending the inning.  Score still 1-2.
There was no score until the 4th inning.

Adrian singled
Yasiel walked, Adrian to 2nd.
Yasmani singled, Adrian to 3rd, Yasiel to 2nd.
Howie doubled, Adrian scored, Yasiel scored, Yasmani to 3rd.  3-2.  
In the 6th inning, Alexei Ramirez doubled and Jankowski singled scoring Ramirez.  3-3.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Corey singled
Justin singled, Corey to 2nd.
Adrian ground into a force out but Corey scored, 4-3.

That would be the final score.  

Kenley came out to save the game.

Sunday’s game was the last one before the all star break.  I was prepared for a very hot day.  It’s been a very long homestand.  Sunday’s games are almost always day games.

Here I am standing in front of the gates to get in.  As usual no one is standing in my line.  Everyone insists on getting into the long lines.  I can’t figure it out.

I went into the club first to get a cold drink and then went out to the field.

I was happy to see my compadre Yoshiko and her husband Doug.  They had invited Doug’s former baseball coach.  Welcome to Dodger Stadium.  No batting practice so I went back to the club to eat.
The food was sooo good.  They were serving one of my favorites:  chorizo chiliquiles.  It is made with guajilo sauce, tortilla chips, cotija fried egg.  So yummy.  The smoked brisket was tender and juicy.  It was covered with bourbon BBQ sauce.  They also served a huge pan of bacon and sausages.  
I was excited about the 2nd annual Dodger Spouses Mystery Bag fundraising event which benefits the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation.  The mystery bag contains an autographed baseball from one of 20+ Dodger players, coaches, alumni.  There were more than 1400 bags.  

I was kidding around saying that I would probably get 3rd base coach Woodward’s ball since he always seems to be blocking all my photos.

To my surprise, his beautiful wife Erin was one of the wives at the event.  Oops.

His adorable daughter Sophie was also helping out at the event.  I asked both of them if maybe Coach Woodward could scoot over a few inches so he wouldn’t be the border in all my pictures.  They seemed to understand my plight.

Brett Anderson’s girlfriend Morgan was really sweet.  

I chose two bags.  Actually Morgan and Erin did.  I went into the club to open them.  I was laughing so hard or should I say LOL.  The balls were autographed by Brandon McCarthy and Mike Bolsinger.  Brandon McCarthy had just autographed my 4th of July hat the day before.  And Mike?  Veronica had given me an autographed Mike Bolsinger ball last year which I treasure.  Believe it or not, I have not asked him for an autograph.  Everyone knows he is my favorite.  Speaking of Veronica…her husband Christian picked a Clayton Kershaw ball.  How lucky they are!!!  I gave my two balls to my friends Crystal and Cindy.  Crystal insisted on giving me money to get another ball so I went back to the event armed with more money.  I’m not that into autographs but I loved talking to the girlfriends and wives.

Justin Turner’s girlfriend Kourtney is so wonderful.  She is funny and so cute.

I asked her to pick a bag for me.  She said she really felt the pressure I was putting on her.  I opened it in front of her and was pleasantly surprised with an AJ Ellis autographed ball which is very difficult to get.  In fact a few of us were talking about how difficult it is to get AJ to autograph a ball.  I told Kourtney it was almost as difficult to get a Justin Turner autograph.
It was a great experience.  It is totally worth the $40 donation.  The balls themselves are about $25 anyway and with the extra $15 you get an autograph.  Next year everyone should buy one.  It is so worth it just to be able to talk to the wives and girlfriends.  

Yasmani was already walking across the field.  
Still looking for dog poop
Best bat girls:  Danielle and Emily were playing catch on the field.
It always is a joy to see cutie Gavin at the game.
Kenta Maeda was starting on Sunday.  He was pitching against Padres Christian Friedrich.
Maeda did his stretching and workout
Hi Yasmani
There was a little ceremony when Clayton, Kenley and Corey were presented with their all star jerseys.
It still is strange to me to see Matt Kemp in another jersey.  He seems to have gained a little weight.
The Girl Scouts presented the colors for the National Anthem.
First pitch with Justin kind of in my way.   See what I mean Kourtney?
And what were you saying to my wife????  Oh hi Coach.
He can be in your way if he wants to
See what I mean, Erin?
Kenta Maeda had one of his best outings since becoming a Dodger.  He struck out 13 which is the best in his career and went 7 innings.

He had a 1-2-3 first inning.

In the bottom of the 1st inning, Howie doubled
Corey singled, scoring Howie.  I got a better picture of Coach Woodward and an annoying hand that seemed to pop up at the worst times.  1-0.
In the bottom of the 2nd inning Yasmani and Scott Van Slyke singled.

Kenta bunted into a force out of Yasmani at 3rd.  Van Slyke to 2nd, Kenta to 1st.

Howie singled scoring Scott.  2-0.

In the top of the 5th inning, Derek Norris hit a solo homerun, the only Padres score.  2-1.

In the bottom of the 5th inning Adrian hit a solo homerun.3-1.
Silly Gavin
A candid of Doug and his former coach
I noticed Kenta did a lot of praying and meditating during the game.  It worked.
In the top of the 8th inning, Joe Blanton replaced Kenta Maeda.  This is the first time a Dodger starting pitcher has gone 7 innings since May.

A little celebration with popcorn and ice cream
In the top of the 9th inning, it actually looked good for the Dodgers with our closer Kenley pitching.
Some discussion between Yasmani and Kenley on how to strike Matt Kemp out.
And that’s just what happened although it took quite a few pitches.
Lots of discussion.  The umpire even got involved.  Notice Clayton in the dugout with a towel on his head.
We are all on our feet at this point.  It was a hot Sunday but it was good.
Puig was wearing his sunglasses on the back of his head.  I guess if that helps, it’s ok.

Clayton looks as happy as he does when he pitches.It was definitely a good way to end the weekend, taking the series from the Padres, 3 out of 4.
There were many positives about the day.  Kenta Maeda had a stellar outing.  Adrian Gonzalez hit his first homerun since June 11.  Kenta pitched 7 innings giving the bullpen a much needed rest.  He had 13 strikeouts, no walks, only one run.  Howie had another huge game with 3 hits:  a double, two singles.  I had fun with the girlfriends and wives during the autograph ball event.

The next game will take place on Friday against the D Backs.  Bud Norris will be the starting pitcher.

Thanks for stopping by.  It was a great weekend.  Hope everyone has a great week!!  Special thanks to Crystal for always being there for me.

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