A Tough Two Days

Tuesday and Wednesday had to be the toughest days this season for the Dodgers.  After riding high on wins at Dodger Stadium, suddenly the Orioles took it all away with resounding victories against the Dodgers.  The Orioles successfully won the series.

The only positive of Tuesday was Christian and Veronica’s anniversary.  They chose to spend it at Dodger Stadium.  Too bad the Dodgers lost.
It was also Korea Day.  There was a martial arts demo in the background during the warm ups.
Kim Tae Woo sang a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.
Ji-Sung threw out the first pitch
My buddy Jack was enjoying a Dodger dog.  He’s been busy with school.  Good to see him.  Where’s Coco???
Those were pretty much the only good things about Tuesday.

Corey signed autographs

Kenta Maeda had a rough outing allowing 4 runs, the worst of it was Manny Machado’s 3 run homerun in the 5th inning.
The Dodgers only run was scored in the first inning.  Corey doubled.
Adrian Gonzalez singled scoring Corey.  1-0.
In the 2nd inning, Trumbo walked, Wieters singled.  Schoop hit a fly scoring Trumbo. 1-1.

Chris Taylor singled in the second inning but was left on base.
By the 4th inning it was obvious that the game was pretty much over after the homerun by Machado.  Maeda was replaced by Baez.

There was a glimmer of hope when Scott Van Slyke singled but he was left on base.
In the bottom of the 6th, Puig walked but was left on base.
In the bottom of the 9th, Adrian singled.  But again he was left on base.  The Orioles won the game with a score of 1-4.
The highlight of the game was the surprise from the 3rd base staff (Dulce, Nik and Crystal) for Christian and Veronica.  What a special night for them.  Thank you so much to everyone involved!!
Wednesday was going to be a nightmare game anyway.  It was a day game starting at 12:10.  Number one problem…getting through the LA traffic to get to the game.  It was also going to be played during the hottest part of the day.  I thought it wouldn’t be too hot since the forecasters promised that it would be in the upper 70’s.  Why do I ever believe them?  And then there would be the rush hour traffic getting home.

I got to the auto gates just as they opened.  It took me about an hour to get from Long Beach to LA.  It started out a weird day.  Usually I’ll be standing in line by myself and everyone will be in line two.  However Wednesday, everyone stood in one line BEHIND ME!!  See how empty the lines are beside me?

Isn’t that funny?  And the line behind me got longer and longer.

When I finally got into the stadium, Dave Roberts was talking to the press.  He signed a spring training jersey for my friend Robert.
I went up to the club to eat thinking that it was already too hot.  So much for the weather reports.  The food was good for breakfast food:  corn beef hash and a chicken and egg soufflé
Which I made into a more interesting dish with chopped white onions, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese.

Hi Cat!

Andre Ethier was working out with one of the trainers.  He was wearing a harness with elastic straps…a human boomerang.  Can’t wait to have him back with the club.

I was actually able to take a picture of AJ before he came out of the field.  
I usually stand in a certain spot to take my pictures before the game.  Someone was standing in my place.  This person knows where I like to stand but insists on running there when he sees me.  Not my favorite person.

This person yelled at Scott Van Slyke, “I’m the only one calling your name for an autograph so why don’t you come and sign?”  If I were Scott, I wouldn’t have signed for him.  How rude.
Bud Norris was making his second start on Wednesday.  His first start had been pretty good so we had high expectations.
Orel and Alanna
It was a cloudless hot day in LA.  It already was looking ominous.
Is there gum on my shoe?
Howie had a few laughs with the enemy
Brett Anderson still thought it was a little chilly
Spycam found poor Maeda minus Julio.  Julio was sent back to minors after having the worst outing of all.
Kershaw is feeling much better.
Little did my friends and I know that this game would last almost 5 1/2 hours.  I thought I would be back home way before dinner time, that we could beat the rush hour traffic….wrong!  It would also be a heartbreaking loss in the 14th inning.  I expected one of our guys to hit a walk off homerun.  I thought that in each of the 5 extra innings.  Didn’t happen.
First pitch
Chase Utley singled.  This would be the first of 6 hits for Chase.
Justin Turner then hit a homerun scoring Chase.  2-0.
In the 2nd inning, Mark Trumbo doubled. Ryan Flaherty doubled, scoring Trumbo.  2-1.

In the 2nd inning AJ singled
Pitcher Bud Norris singled but he and AJ were left on base.
The Orioles were able to tie the score in the 3rd with singles by Jones and Kim.  2-2.

In the top of the 4th inning, Mark Trumbo hit a solo homerun breaking the tie.  3-2.

In the 5th inning, Chase doubled.  Corey walked.  Adrian singled, scoring Chase and Corey.  4-3.

Casey Fien came in to relieve starter Bud Norris.  Mark Trumbo hit a solo homerun tying the score.  4-4.

I was hot by the 4th inning so I went up to the second floor to see Max at the game used store.

He had the 4th of July jerseys.  He told me he had just what I wanted.  They apparently have the jerseys made up a long time before the event so they had Mike’s although he was sent back to minors before Fathers Day.

I sat in the third base club until the 8th inning when I went to the other side of the stadium as I usually do.  It was too hot.   I didn’t realize that I would be sitting outside for 6 more innings.

We all hoped for a walk off.
The game just kept going on and on.
The kids were patient especially this little cutie.
Finally in the top of the 14th inning the Orioles dropped the ax with a Machado single, a Chris Davis single and a Schoop double which resulted in two runs.  Trayce Thompson made a heroic dive trying to catch that double but was unsuccessful. 4-6.  I knew it was over so I headed out.

This little guy’s face says it all.
As we always say in the worst situations, let’s turn the page.  Thursday will be a big day for Hyundai-Jin Ryu who will make his big return, not pitching since 2014, 640 days.  Ryu will face Jeff Pomeranz 7-7, ERA 2.65.  The Padres are in last place.

The good…Corey Seager has hit 19 straight games, the longest in the MLB this season.  Chase Utley had 6 hits in the 14 inning game.  The Dodgers are only 6 games behind the Giants.  I guess that’s good.

Congratulations to Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen and Corey Seager, voted to the All Star Team.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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