A Nice Welcome for Bud

It was the first day of this homestand on Friday.   It seemed that everything was against the Dodgers winning.  Clayton Kershaw was supposed to be the starting pitcher but instead is on 15 day DL.  Kike Hernandez and Joc Pederson are also on DL.  The Dodgers had just traded in order to find someone to take Clayton’s place on the day before the start.    It seemed an unlucky scenario that they could actually pull this off.  The owners acquired Atlanta Brave Bud Norris who was to fill the spot.  It was an unlikely turn of events 

I was happy to get back to Dodger Stadium.  It has been a long 8 days, maybe because I worked 7 out of those 8 days.   The guys were out in the field in the middle of batting practice.  It was nice to see Brandon McCarthy actually wearing his uniform.  We’ve pretty much seen him wearing running gear or workout clothes.  I knew this was a good sign.  I later learned that he is starting on Sunday, his first since having Tommy John surgery.

Someday Brett Anderson will be back.

Maeda was in good spirits.  He had a great game in Milwaukee.
Kenley Jansen signed some autographs for lucky fans.

When we allowed to go past the magic line crossing aisle 39, I realized I was the only one at the dugout.  Only those with baseline seats are allowed there.  The Dodgers had already gone in about 10 minutes before.  Sometimes I think they do that to avoid signing for persistent rude fans.  Manny Mota was one of the last to go in.  He said hi before disappearing into the clubhouse.

Casey Fien came out briefly.  I said hi to him.  He waited a minute thinking I would ask him for something but I didn’t.  He’s used to fans asking for autographs.  I rarely ask for autographs. I actually don’t have Casey’s.

I went up to the club to eat.  The food was super.  The Korean BBQ ribs were tasty.  The spicy fried chicken was crispy and delicious.  I always love the salads and I wasn’t disappointed at the selections.  Thank you Crystal for helping me. I need all the help I can get.

I’ve been bothered with a painful right knee.  I’m considering going on DL.  It’s a little harder to go up and down those steps to my seat.  I have to wear a slip-on brace to help support my knee.  My naughty 10 month old kitten thought he had a new scratching post so proceeded to use my knee brace as one.  He learned quickly that it wasn’t when my bird started yelling at him “Stop that bad boy!!”  My bird thinks he’s the supervisor.

I went back to the field to get ready to take pictures.  I knew that Nancy Bea would be at the Dodger game so I was keeping my eye out for her.  I saw her as I realized she had messaged me..”Where are you?”  It was really wonderful to see her.  For those of you who live in the Dark Ages, Nancy Bea Hefley was the Dodger organist for many years.

She looks wonderful.  It was the highlight of my day to be able to see her again.  Her husband told me that now they can enjoy their house.  Condolences to them for the loss of his brother in a riding accident this past week.
Kelli Tennant was taking Alanna Rizzo’s place on Sportsnet.  
One of the events before the game was the eagle.  He’s a bit scary.  I think he would grab my kitten in a minute.
I’m not sure who this is.  Sportsnet was interviewing him.  Anyone out there know?
Yasmani always slips by me so I usually get a picture of his back.  Friday was no different.  There he goes with his pink drink.
I was bound and determined that I would not miss Bud Norris but oops, I guess I did.  My first glimpse was his back.  Par for the course.
He seems happy to be a Dodger.  Uh oh spotted already.
He threw a few pitches and went into the dugout to practice with Yasmani.
Trayce, Chase and Justin
Justin ran back into the dugout after a few minutes.
So did Corey but it was to receive State Farms player of the month award.
And then he came back out to play catch with Trayce.
The rule is that during the National Anthem, one or more players have to stare at me.  Hi Scott.  That’s when I saw Will Venable.  His contract was purchased by the Dodgers.  He had been DFA’d but chose to go down to Triple A.  Good to see him again.
Another rule is that if I wear a shirt with the player’s name on it, he will never look my way.  Friday I was wearing a generic Dodger shirt and of course Trayce stood right in front of me.  Go figure.
What a silly selfie.  I couldn’t resist.
And then he ran to the dugout.  Lucky me.
I almost missed Bud Norris and Yasmani on their way to the dugout.  I think Trayce distracted me.  Do you blame me??
Corey was the only one left on the field.  He didn’t sign autographs which surprised me since he does almost everyday for the kids.
Spy cam on the dugout.  There’s unknown guy, Brandon McCarthy and Will Venable.
Julio and Kenta definitely have a friendship going on.  First Julio had to squash Kenta’s head into the rubber bumper.  I wonder what they talk about since neither speak each other’s language and their English is limited.  
Bud Norris definitely has a little ritual going on before he pitches as most pitchers do.  He has to meditate, kick the dirt a little, exhale long and hard.
But first the umps and Dave Roberts have to make nice before they hate each other.
First Dodger pitch for Bud Norris.  It was a nice surprise for Dodger fans.  He went 6 shutout innings, struck out 8.  We fans were not sure what to expect.  Rockies pitcher Jorge De La Rosa also pitched a great game allowing only 2 runs.  Their bullpen did the rest of the damage.
I have to make sure everyone knows that the twins Klayton and Duke were in the house.  That makes life at Dodger Stadium complete.
The Dodgers didn’t have a man on base until Trayce walked in the 3rd inning.  But he was left there with 3 outs.
In the 4th inning Chase Utley walked.
Corey Seager singled, Chase to 3rd.
Adrian Gonzalez singled, Chase scored.  1-0.
Yasiel Puig walked.
Trayce’s single was challenged.
His single was overturned and he was out.  The Dodgers never seem to win a challenge.

What??? Are you freaking kidding me???  I was out??
Bud Norris was replaced by Adam Liberatore in the 7th inning.   Bud had done well in his Dodger debut.  Now we crossed our fingers as the bullpen came out in relief.

Louis Coleman replaced Liberatore after 3 batters.  

In the 7th inning, Howie singled.
Yasiel singled, Howie to 2nd.
With Trayce batting, passed ball by Nick Hundley, Howie to third and Yasiel to 2nd.
With Trayce still batting, balk by De La Rosa, Howie scores. 2-0.

Timeout for ice cream…I figured I would have reason to celebrate.

Corey singled in the 8th inning.
Justin doubled, Corey to 3rd base.
Adrian singled, Corey scored.  3-0.

Howie doubled.  Justin scores, Adrian to 3rd. 4-0

Rockies are not happy campers.
Dodgers dugout actually doesn’t look that excited either.
Scott Van Slyke with a sacrifice fly scoring Adrian. 5-0.

Is that Andre Ethier I see in the dugout???  I didn’t even know he was in LA.  Nice surprise.  Never know what I’ll see with my spy cam.Pedro in relief to close out the game in the 9th.
Baez has 5 runs to work with.  When he walked Carlos Gonzalez, we all held our breaths.  He then advanced to 2nd on defensive indifference after Reynolds struck out swinging. Two out.
Then Descalso ground out and the Dodgers win!!!  5-0.
Coudn’t resist posting all the happy pictures after the win.  It was a much needed win with all the injuries.
We all went home very happy.  Saturday will be the yearly Old-Timers Game which takes place at 5:10.  I always look forward to the event.  Hopefully I’ll see Shawn Green, my all time favorite player.    It will also be a bobblehead day.  The good and the bad.  It will be crowded.    Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!


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