Winning the Series (Already)

There was no batting practice on Tuesday.  It was a much cooler day but early batting practice was optional.  

Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urias were on the field practicing anyway.
Not everyone was into it.  Chris Hatcher was taking a break.
Adam Liberatore signed an autograph

Trayce Thompson was shagging balls.
AJ at bat

Wil Venable stopped to take pictures.  Such a super nice guy.

And signed in the dugout

Kenley was in good spirits

So was Dave Roberts.  Four wins in a row always makes everyone happy.  The day before the Dodgers had beat the #1 team in the NL East, the Nationals.  Everyone was upbeat.

Except maybe the Nationals.
I went to the club to eat since nothing interesting was going on.  The food was exceptionally good especially the salads.
I was interested in getting a Fathers Day jersey since I thought they were really pretty.  I went up to Suite Level and talked to Max at the game used store.  He had a Bolsinger Fathers Day jersey although Mike had been sent down the day before.  He told me he had Guerrero who had been DFA’d and even Carl Crawford who had been released.  The jerseys are really nice.
The jerseys have a prostate cancer ribbon on the front.  Some of the jerseys were very expensive especially Kershaw’s and Maeda’s.  Luckily I had my eye on Mike’s.  I will always support him.  He knows I’m his number one fan through thick and thin.  It broke my heart that fans booed him when he left the field on Saturday after pitching.  Seriously….never boo anyone on your own team.
I went back down to the seats.

Yasmani must have felt better…no inhaler.  He was sporting some new kicks.
Uh oh…I was spotted again.   I wonder what’s in his pocket.

Scott was already on the field.  He had come up through the bullpen.

“You put one foot up, you put one foot down, you put one foot up and shake it all about….”

Hi Scott.  
Chase Utley is always the first one out.
Yasiel Puig was next.  This was his first day back from DL.  It’s good to see him.  Trayce was sitting on Tuesday but will be starting on Wednesday.

Justin Turner
They had announced the starting lineups before the National Anthem which was a little weird.  The National Anthem was sung beautifully.  It gave me goosebumps.
Scott took the walk from bullpen to dugout with his throwing arm wrapped up.  It was in the 80’s but maybe that’s not warm enough.  Yasmani has said that he likes it to be hot because he doesn’t have to worry about getting warmed up.  He must enjoy this 100 degree weather.  He’s always warmed up.
Kike and Justin always play catch before the game no matter what’s in the way.  Watch out Asher!  In the background Alanna Rizzo is getting ready for a ceremony for Kenley marking his save record.
Joc came out a little late
And signed autographs for the fans.
Norma and Donna were actually at the game early.  Norma usually has to work late.
Eric Gagne was part of the ceremony honoring Kenley and his save record.  I don’t recognize Gagne.  He is much smaller off the steroids.
The umps and managers making nice.  The Nationals manager is Dusty Baker who is being honored on Wednesday with a bobblehead.
Do you see Davy Lopes on the left?  It’s strange seeing him wearing anything except Dodger blue.
First pitch.  
Bryce Harper hit a solo homerun right away in the first inning.  I had an uneasy feeling.  0-1.  Already behind.
Nationals pitcher Tanner Roark had an outstanding game until it all changed in the 8th inning.  When there isn’t much scoring it makes the game less interesting.  

It became much more interesting when I was almost hit by a foul ball.  It bounced off the corner of my table inches from my face.  My usher Peter thought I had been hit…it was that close.  The sound it made when it hit made me believe it would have broken some bones if it had hit me.

But a very happy fan got the ball.  His papa had snagged it for him.
What a special  “boys night out” with 3 generations.
There was a glimmer of hope when Corey hit a single in the 4th but that was it for the inning.
Danny Espinosa, a Cal State alumni, former dirtbag, hit a solo homerun in the 5th.  0-2.  Yikes.  Then the PITCHER doubled.  Jayson Werth singled.  The decision was to walk Daniel Murphy and pitch to Ryan Zimmerman.  It did work out because the only score was Espinosa that inning.  It could have been much worse.

Joc singled in the 5th inning but was left on base.  Talk about frustration…I’m talking about me.

I went up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies.  That usually cheers me up.

Adam Liberatore came out in relief.  He got out of the 7th inning unscathed.

In the 7th inning, Adrian hit a double but was also left on base.  Now I was really frustrated. 
Louis Coleman replaced Adam Liberatore.  Tanner Roark, the pitcher, singled but was left on base.  
In the bottom of the 8th inning, Joc walked.  It would turn out that this was a very important walk. He has become more patient at the plate, not striking out as much.
Yasiel Puig hit a single which went over shortstop Espinosa’s head.
And then it was catcher Yasmani Grandal at bat.  His average is .183.  To everyone’s surprise and delight, he hit a 3 run homerun. 3-2.  Suddenly the Dodgers were ahead at one stroke of the bat.

You could see the Nationals’ frustration at the way the game suddenly turned.  I thought they would start crying, they looked so upset.  You could see a lot of scuffling, pleading, scratching heads, spitting, whining, looking the other way (not my fault).
Kenley replaced Coleman in the 9th inning to save the game.  We felt confident by that time.

A little discussion between Yasmani and Kenley.

We all were feeling good 

With 2 outs, we were all standing up.
We were waiting for that final strike.
High fives all around again for the second night in a row against number one Washington Nationals.  Final score 3-2 thanks to Yasmani.
On Wednesday Nationals pitcher Joe Ross 6-4, ERA 3.13 meets Julio Urias 0-2 ERA 4.50.  This will be Julio’s 6th start.  Word is that he will soon be sent back down to limit his innings.  He is after all only 19 years old.  

Wednesday also is a bobblehead day, this time Dusty Baker, the Nationals manager.  Can’t figure that one out.  I hate bobblehead days as everyone knows.  It will be crowded.  It also brings out the worst fans.  The Dodgers are still 5 1/2 games behind the Giants who simply can’t seem to lose.  This will be the final game of this homestand.  They have the day off tomorrow and then continue to Pittsburg.  They will not be back for 9 days.  Back to work for me.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  It has been a great homestand!! 



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