Making History Again

It was Kenley’s day.  He became the all time Dodgers save leader, recording his 162nd save, passing Eric Gagne.

We have watched him develop into a the best closer in baseball.
We were all psyched up for a meeting with undefeated Stephen Strasburg who was scratched about 45 minutes before the game for upper back strain.  Cold feet?  He was to meet best pitcher in baseball Clayton Kershaw.  Instead, the Nationals Yusmeiro Petit answered the call.

Monday was supposed to be the hottest day of the week.  I wasn’t surprised to find there wasn’t any batting practice.  A couple of relief pitchers were tossing the ball on the field.
The Nationals were already stretching on the field.  They are number one in the National League East and are close behind the Chicago Cubs who top the entire National League.  This would be an important series for the Dodgers.
I went up to the club to cool off and eat.The 

The food was delicious.  I enjoyed the roast turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry chutney.  I stayed in the club for a while because it was at least 100 degrees out there.

It was Dodger lunch cooler bag backpack day.  It was really a nice giveaway.
Clayton Kershaw came out to warm up.  It was already extremely warm.
He still did his usual warmup.  He never strays from his routine.
Yasmani also was out on the field as usual with his pink drink.
Clayton continued his warmup.

Robert and Grant.  Good to see Grant again.  
I’m lucky that I meet nice people at Dodger Stadium.  Steve lives in San Diego but made the trip up to watch his favorite Dodgers.
Trayce still is having his head shaved
First pitch.  Throw like a girl.
Playing catch even with all the commotion on the field.
Corey signed as usual.
Lucky Max got Corey’s autograph
Here comes Clayton with Yasmani
The umps with managers…always BFFs before the game
First pitch.  Watch out Nationals.
It was steamy hot during the game.  I was trying not to notice.

The in-seat salad was refreshing.  
I barely had a chance to munch on the salad when Justin continued his offensive tear with a solo homerun in the first inning.  It was surprising considering that the Nationals are such a good team. 1-0.
Then Justin hit a single in the 4th inning scoring Corey. 2-0.  Justin…the one man team.
In the 5th inning Joc hit a solo homerun 3-0.  I had been listening to a know-it-all sitting behind me who talked trash about the Dodgers including how he didn’t like Joc’s swing.  When Joc was up to bat, I prayed that he would hit a homerun so the person behind me would just SHUT UP.  It worked.  The guy was quiet for a few innings.   
Time for some ice cream..a combo of chocolate and vanilla.
In the top of the 7th inning Clayton ran into some trouble allowing a single to Anthony Rendon scoring Ryan Zimmerman.  3-1.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Howie doubled.
Pinch hitter Kike Hernandez was intentionally walked.  The Nationals probably remembered Kike’s big homerun the day before.
Unfortunately for the Nationals, Chase Utley singled scoring Howie.
A little catch between innings to keep warm.
Then Kenley was given a chance to save the game.
It was exciting.
High fives all around for our closer Kenley who surpassed Gagne’s record of saves to become the all time leader in saves.  Also kudos to Kershaw who limited the tough Nationals to one run over 7 innings.
Tuesday the Dodgers with Scott Kazmir 5-3, ERA 4.64 meets Nationals Tanner Roark 6-4 ERA 3.14.  It will be a cooler day, down to 88 degrees.  Hopefully the offense will stay strong.

Thank you for stopping by.  It was a difficult weekend for me.  I had to work after the game on Sunday so I was tired.  I couldn’t write my Sunday blog until today for that reason.  Two more games against the Nationals at Dodger Stadium unti the Dodgers are on the road again.

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