When Ginger Did it All

It was another beautiful summer day.  The traffic getting to the stadium was a challenge but otherwise it started out perfectly.
I still can’t get used to the new Kike with no hair.
Joc getting ready to bat
Scotty probably explaining how tall his son is
Corey at bat
Conversation among the pitchers.  
There’s Mike.  Yesterday I had worn my new Bolsinger shirt with the huge 46 but he never looked my direction.  So today I was wearing my Trayce shirt in honor of the his homerun the day before.  Just my luck, Mike looked my way and waved.  Wrong shirt.  Oops.  He came over to talk to me later on.  Hopefully he didn’t notice the Trayce shirt.  I am praying for run support for him during Saturday’s game.  Apparently a contingency plan was to have him pitch in relief Friday if the game went into more than 10 innings.  And then who would pitch??  The plan is that Maeda will pitch Sunday since his lower leg injury seems not to be a problem.
The Brewers were taking the field for their workout too early.  The guys were trying to ignore it but I thought it was rude.  Wait your turn.
The Brewers were just all over the place.
It was so nice to see the twins Klayton and Duke again.  They have their little personalities already.  It was also nice to see their parents Eric and Tracy.  They recognize the crazy lady and her camera.

It was a great day to see all the best people at Dodger Stadium.  We all bleed Dodger blue.  We support the Dodgers through thick and thin.  It’s been a bit distressing lately but we are all still there cheering them on.
It was a good time to go up to the club.  I was starving.  The carne asada tacos were delicious.  I was going to go back for seconds.  

What kind of grapes are these? I found them in the fruit bowl.
I went down to the field to wait for Julio and Yaz.

I almost missed seeing Julio walk down the field.  I was busy taking pictures  Eric alerted me to the teenager’s appearance.
It’s a joy to watch Julio Urias.  He has so much potential.  We can see it developing.
Every time he pitches, he seems to get better.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is 19 years old, still a teenager.
Yasmani came down the field.  Wait..is that Yaz using an inhaler??  It looks like a rescue inhaler.  
Some more pics of Yasmani.
Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas was part of the Filipino Day celebration.  He was sitting in my section for about half a minute before he left.  Maybe he’s not a big baseball fan.
Trayce.  I’m wearing his shirt.  He never looked my way.  In fact it was a day that no one signed any autographs, not even Corey which is unusual.  It seems that whenever I wear one of my Corey shirts he never sees it.  If I’m wearing another shirt, Corey comes right to me.  Same with Trayce.  Oh well.  


Trayce still didn’t look our way.
Julio, Yasmani and Rick made their way down the field.
Joc came out late.
Julio’s first pitch.  And the game was underway.
It didn’t take long for Justin to make his presence known with a solo homerun the first time he was up.  1-0.
Julio did not allow a run in the five innings in pitched.  There were several hits but no one reached home plate.

Then here came the bullpen in the 6th inning. Louis Coleman came into the game in relief.  He allowed a Ryan Braun double.  Lucroy doubled scoring Braun.  The score was tied.  1-1. We all groaned.  The bullpen!!!  Adam Liberatore relieved  Coleman but Scooter Gennett doubled scoring Jonathan Lucroy.  1-2.  

It was a gorgeous night with a beautiful sunset by the way.  We were all dying a thousand deaths.  The only run the Dodgers produced was the Justin Turner homerun so far.  The bullpen was doing their thing.

Some vanilla ice cream for a warm night

In the 8th inning Justin did it again, another solo homerun making it a tie score!!!  2-2.
The game went into extra innings.  I had a good feeling about it so I stayed.  There was still a crowd there because it was fireworks night.

Baez came out to pitch in relief in the 10th inning. He had lost the game the day before so he had something to prove.  He made it through without allowing a run.  Still tied at 2-2.

The Dodgers watched from the dugout hoping for the best.
Our newest Dodger Will Venable hit a huge double bringing us hope.
That brought AJ off the bench to hit a bunt which he executed perfectly getting Will to 3rd.  Amazingly it was a base hit as well.
There was some discussion.  They decided to walk the next two players:  Utley and Corey.  I understand walking Corey but did they know who was the next batter??  Justin who had already hit two home runs providing the only Dodger score.  It was one of those righty-righty match ups.  But seriously!!

And then Ginger came up to bat.  Could he do it??  We all held our breaths.  I prayed.  Strike one.
Strike two

Then he did it.  He hit a single which scored Will who was on 3rd base.  It was a walkoff base hit for Justin who provided the only Dodger offense.  3-2.

Justin was showered with love and water by his teammates.It was a much needed win for the Dodgers and for us faithful fans.  It was a win for Baez who had lost the game the day before.  It was good for Justin who has finally turned it around with a vengeance.
Saturday, the matchup will be between two former roommates, teammates and still friends:  Mike Bolsinger 1-4, ERA 5.76 and Chase Anderson 4-6, ERA 4.42.  I will be wearing Mike’s spring training jersey for luck.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!

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