Breaking Our Hearts

The first game of the series with the Brewers took place on a beautiful summer day.  It’s predicted that the weekend will be hot but thankfully Thursday was mild.  
It was batting practice as usual.  I was happy to be back at Dodger Stadium.  I always miss them when they are on the road.
Kike had cut off all his hair so I was interested to see how it looked.  It’s different.
AJ was talking to the enemy.
Mike Bolsinger isolated himself on the other side of the stadium.  I wanted to say hi to him but he didn’t see me.
The Brewers started to take over the field so the Dodgers came in one by one.  By the time we were allowed to go by the dugout, everyone was already in the club house.
It was a good time to go up to the club to eat.  The food as usual was delicious especially the hickory smoked baby back ribs with bourbon BBQ sauce.  The black bean salad also was a winner.
The Brewers were still on the field so I focused on Scott Van Slyke who was being interviewed on Sportsnet.  He had hit a 3 run homerun the day before.
Scott Kazmir had appeared out of the bullpen to stretch.  He doesn’t take the customary walk from the dugout to the bullpen.  He stretched and ran for a very short time.
Yasmani came down the field soon after.
Scott threw a few pitches and then he went into the bullpen to practice.
First one out was of course Chase Utley.
I was interested in Wil Venable who became a Dodger the day before.  I always liked him when he was a Padre.
Everyone’s favorites:  Corey and Trayce.
The roommates:  Trayce, Joc and Corey
Brett Anderson was in his hoody as usual
Wil was wearing all new Dodger blue.  He looks great in our colors.
The National Anthem.  Baez is staring at me.  Aha Mike has finally seen me.
Duke Snider’s son threw out the first pitch.  It was Duke Snider pin day.
Scott Kazmir and Yasmani with pitching coach Rick Honeycutt made their way down the field.
The umpires and coaches making nice before the game starts
Scott checked out his glove before he threw out the first pitch
First pitch
Scott didn’t last very long.  He had thrown 93 pitches by the 4th inning.  He was taken out of the game so the bullpen could take over.  Big mistake.

The Brewers scored first in the 3rd inning when Lucroy singled in Villar and Hill.  0-2.  Then Perez hit a sacrifice fly scoring Lucroy.  0-3.  I went upstairs to go shopping about that time.  I was that frustrated.  

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Kazmir walked.

Corey singled

Trayce Thompson was up next.  He flexed his muscles a little and then….

He hit a 3 run homerun tying the score.

It was nice to see some run support.  The guys just kept on coming back.  They were like the little engine that could.

Casey Fien pitched in relief in the 5th inning.  Aaron Hill immediately hit a homerun breaking the tie.  3-4.  In the same inning Fien allowed another homerun, this time off the bat of Chris Carter.  Ryan Braun had already singled so it was a two run homerun.  6-3.  About that time I hoped that Dave Roberts would take Fien out but he stayed in.  I was so frustrated since the Dodgers had actually tied the score.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Howie singled scoring Trayce who had hit a ground rule double which bounced into the stands.

The score was then 4-6.  The Dodgers were fighting back.  They were not giving up.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Joc singled scoring Howie.  5-6.

Yasmani walked.
Justin Turner came in to replace Wil Venable.  He hit a sacrifice fly scoring Joc but Yasmani was out at 2nd.  We all wondered why he ran.  There was an argument between Justin and Yaz in the dugout while there was a challenge to the play as to the timing of the run and the out.  The run made it a tie. 6-6.  Luckily the challenge was overturned.
Pedro Baez came out in relief.  That was the Dodgers downfall.  After all the scuffling by the guys to tie the score, Baez allowed a two run homerun in the top of the 9th making the score 6-8 and that would be the way the game would end.  I was already on my way home in the bottom of the 9th.  I just had that feeling that it would not end well.  It was such a heartbreak I couldn’t bear to watch it.  I go to every game, I talk to the guys, I feel every loss.  They had played hard, catching up every time but the last Brewers homerun was too much to overcome.
The offense picked up every challenge with hits, walks, home runs but this time it was the bullpen that disappointed.  A combination of Fien-Baez lost the game.

The Dodgers are now 6.5 games out of first place behind the Giants.  However they are only 1.5 games out of the wild card race behind the Cardinals.

As we always say when the Dodgers lose, let’s turn the page.  Friday’s game will give us another chance to see Julio Urias.  He has not won a game yet, his ERA is 5.82.  He faces Zach Davies 5-3, ERA 3.88.  Davies has been doing well only allowing 2 runs across 21 innings.  It should be an interesting game.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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