Coming Back Home

The Dodgers return to Dodger Stadium Thursday for 6 games.  They first will play the Brewers who have recently been pounded by the Giants.

Scott Kazmir 5-3, ERA 4.52 will face Junior Guerra 3-1 ERA 3.31.  Kazmir has gotten his form back in his last few games.  Every Dodger fan loves Ryan Braun who pretty much stole the MVP from Matt Kemp and then was caught taking PEDS.  The interesting thing is that he could become a Dodger in the future.  However he has been slumping lately.   He will be playing at Dodger Stadium during this series.  

The Dodgers recently acquired Wil Venable, a left handed hitter, who will come off the bench and provide some much needed hitting.  I have always liked him from the time he was with the Padres.  Why do we need him?  We need offense judging from the Dodgers last few games.  The pitching has been pretty good but no one seems to get any run support.  Kershaw was provided with some run support yesterday  with the Van Slyke 3 run home run which provided the only Dodger score in yesterday’s game with the D Backs.  

Congratulations to Kenley Jansen who recorded his 161st save which ties the Eric Gagne franchise record.  

Julio Urias will be pitching again Friday.  He seems to be getting better and better with each game.  Unbelievable that he is just 19 years old.

I’ll be happy to see the Dodgers again.  It’s been a long 7 days that they have been gone.  I’ve worked 6 of those days so I am tired but glad to be going back to my happy place.

The Dodgers are now 6 games out of first place.  The Giants just can’t seem to be stopped.  They are on a another winning streak, this time 5 games.  The Dodgers offense has to step up and start hitting.  

An interesting note:  Kike Hernandez has cut off all his hair.  Apparently he did this to support his Dad who will be going through chemo.  Prayers for his Dad.  

I’ll be back to writing my blog again since the Dodgers are back home.  Thanks everyone for still checking in.  I appreciate all your support.  GO DODGERS!!!

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