What a Night

Adrian Gonzalez said it well when he said “Tra C Thompson, what a night!!” The baseball gods were definitely on the Dodgers’ side on Tuesday night when everything seemed to go right.  How different it was from the night before when nothing went right.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun had moved so it wasn’t too hot on the field.  Some of the relief pitchers were sprinting back and forth.
The boss was watching batting practice
Corey took a few swings
Everyone was watching with interest
Mike Bolsinger didn’t have a good night pitching on Monday .  I could tell he was still feeling it.  He came over to me and we talked about it.  I really felt bad for him.  Everyone can have a bad night.  He is getting over an injury.  I just am over fans coming over to me and telling me what they thought about his pitching.  I will defend Mike to my last breath.  I can’t count how many people have told me their negative feelings and then they ask me why I’m mad at them.  
Brett Anderson minus his hoody
One of the nicest people at the stadium….Baseball Head.  
AJ said a quick hello as he walked by at the dugout.   There were some autograph seekers waiting to pounce but he hurried by.  

Dave stopped and signed a quick autograph.  They always have a meeting before the game.  Everyone is supposed to be there on time.

Kenta always is besieged by the Japanese media.  He ran by but turned and nodded when I spoke quickly to him in Japanese.  I’m trying to bone up on the few words I do know.
The food in the club was amazing.  The rainbow chard pasta is one of my favorites.  The tri tip was delicious.  The salad tasted as good as it looked.
Jerry Hairston was taking Orel Hersheiser’s place on Sportsnet.
Brandon McCarthy was being interviewed.
Julio Urias and Yaz looked my way and Yaz actually smiled.  
They had a lot to discuss before the game.
Yaz went over his notes again
He looked my way a few times.  He’ll get used to my camera.
Yasmani and Julio seemed to be in synch.
Yes, I’m still over here.  It really does seem that they kept looking at me.  But all eyes were on Julio, the teenager.  This is his debut at Dodger Stadium, the place where he should have made his MLB debut.  It seems nicer when the debut can be done with a friendly crowd.  His debut took place in New York where there couldn’t be a more hostile group.  We were all waiting to finally meet him.

They warmed up
Julio remembered to hydrate
And reminded us that he is a teenager
Yasmani meditated a while
I couldn’t help but be amazed at this young 19 year old.  He has the poise of a veteran.
Trayce was first to come out to stretch.  He saw my Trayce shirt and came over to talk to us and sign a few autographs.   I seriously think that the shirt brought him good luck.
Everyone loves Trayce.
Everyone seems to be looking at me or is it my imagination?

Joc and Nolan from the enemy side
The National Anthem.  Trayce definitely had his head shaved before the game.

Hydrate hydrate….Julio remembers what happened to Scott Kazmir his last outing.
Like I said…they seem to be watching me.
More discussion between Yasmani and Julio
Trayce finished stretching and ran back into the dugout
Justin and Kike played some catch
Brett Anderson decided to put his hoody on again.  Interesting look.  Hat under hoody.
OK….I took it off.  
A pre game discussion
My friends Pat and Norma
Julio said a little prayer
And the game started with Julio’s first pitch at Dodger Stadium.  We were all so excited to be witnessing his debut.  I’m sure he felt differently being with Dodger fans.  We all cheered at his first pitch….a strike.
Julio only allowed one run on 3 hits with only 1 walk.  He had 7 strikeouts.  And he is only 19 years old.  He only pitched 4 innings because Roberts was enforcing a 90 pitch count.  He was up to 86 by then.  He had a scoreless first inning.  We were all on our feet.
In the first inning Chase Utley walked.
Corey Seager also walked.
Then Justin Turner hit a 3 run homerun.  Boom!  3-0.
There was a lot of activity in the first inning which was a good sign.  Adrian singled and Trayce walked.

In the 3rd inning LeMahieu singled and then stole a base.  Nolan Arenado doubled, scoring LeMahieu.

Even the Rockies seem to be staring at me.

The score was then 3-1.  After Julio was taken out of the game because of pitch count, Joe Blanton  gave up a homerun in the 7th inning.  3-2.

With Pedro Baez pitching, Car Go singled scoring Ryan Raburn.  3-3.  There went our lead.  I was dreading extra innings.  It seemed like it was heading in that direction.  

I always go to the other side of the stadium in the 8th inning since my parking spot is on the right field side.  I found a seat since I thought it would be a long night.

The sunset was beautiful by the way.
Kenley came out in the 9th inning to keep the Rockies from scoring.  He succeeded.  Now it was our turn to try to pull off a win in the bottom of the 9th.
Everyone was watching in great anticipation.
Austin flied out.  Yikes.
Adrian ground out.  I started to get more settled in my seat anticipating extra innings.  The stadium was half empty.  The game was long.
The Rockies were always in some sort of discussion during the night.  Nolan looks a little bored.
And then cool guy Trayce came up to bat.  There was two out.
And Trayce hit a walk off homerun to left field.  We couldn’t believe that he had done it again.
Celebrating and High chews all around!!
It certainly doesn’t hurt to wear the High Chew buckets on your head.
Trayce will most definitely stay in outfield every day.  This was his second walkoff in two weeks.  His brother Klay is on the verge of an NBA title with the Warriors.  I know their parents are proud.

It was a pleasure to meet former MLB player Nikco Riesgo.  He played for the Montreal Expos in 1991. He was drafted by the San Diego Padres.  He told me he was caught up in the infamous baseball strike.  He wrote a book covering his experiences “Strike Three!” which I definitely will put on my list.   He also has a radio show.  More details about that later.

Wednesday in the final game of the series, Kenta Maeda 5-3, ERA 2.84 will meet Chris Rusin 1-4 ERA 4.62.  It will be Don Newcomb bobble head night.  I hate bobble head nights.  It will probably be a sellout.

Thanks for stopping by.  It was a great night.  

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