The Corey Show

It was the first game of a 3 game series with the Atlanta Braves on Friday.  The Braves aren’t a very good team ranking dead last in the NL East with a 16-38 record.  The Braves pitcher Teheran had a 1-5 record.  But the Dodgers don’t always prevail in those games where you expect them to win.  I was hoping for a big win to boost their morale….and mine too.
It was good to be back at Dodger Stadium.  When the Dodgers are on the road, I miss them as though they are  family.  I usually spend most of the time working when they are not home.  The time they are on the road seems to pass so slowly.  Friday was a very hot day, the beginning of a weekend heat wave.  I intensely dislike being in the direct son.  The shadows were already overtaking the stadium when the gates opened for batting practice.  That was a good sign since the left field side seems to be shady first.

It was still hot on the field so the guys went in early.  There were very few out on the field taking part in batting practice.  I stayed in the shade.

The bat boys Francisco and Javier were pretty much the only ones out there.
It was good to see Scott Van Slyke again.  He had been on DL since the beginning of the season.  The plan had been to activate him Saturday or Sunday but the last minute decision to put Yasiel Puig on DL because of a sore hamstring necessitated the decision to activate him on Friday.  The decision was made right before game time.  I suspected he had been activated since he was batting during batting practice.
Kike and AJ taking their turns batting.
There definitely wasn’t much going on.   They all went in very early except Mike Bolsinger who stayed out on the field to do some running and talking.  I could tell the heat was getting to him.  He looked a little sweaty.  He stopped long enough to give me a couple of sweaty hugs.  He did warn me that he was sweaty.  So did I mind???  What do you think?  We talked a little about the important things like why he got his hair cut.  The reason is because he was hot.  I thought there was a superstitious reason.  I personally like his hair long.  We discussed his last outing.  I told him he did well but he didn’t get any run support which he said is usually the case.  With all the comings and goings of the players these days, they don’t know what their status is.  I told him I seriously doubted he would be sent back to minors again.  With Alex Wood shut down for a while and Urias probably not quite ready for prime time, it wouldn’t seem to be advantageous to send a pitcher down.  Mike has been doing a great job.  I keep my fingers crossed.  Mike is doing well and besides that, he is a super nice guy.  
The Braves came out early for batting practice since the Dodgers had already gone in.  It was nice to see a familiar face..or should I say a familiar back..Chris Withrow who was once a Dodger reliever.
Alanna and Orel doing their thing.

Time to go to the club to eat.  It was just too hot out in the seats and all the players had already gone into the clubhouse.  The only player still outside was Corey who never seems to be hot.  The salad was delicious…the presentation was A-1.

The roast turkey and leg of lamb was delicious.  I enjoyed the food but I was a little nervous about the game.

It was Doug’s birthday and what better way of celebrating than a Dodger game with Kenta Maeda pitching.  Happy Birthday Doug.  I reminded Yoshiko she had to be out on the field to cheer Kenta on.  We are his two person fan club.  Good to see son Dylan again.

I almost missed Yaz coming out on the field.  He’s back to the pink drink again.
I hope he’s not giving me hard looks.
A little stretching and a prayer to the ball
A beautiful clear almost cloudless sky but hot hot hot.
I was wearing all my Kenta Maeda attire, tee shirt and jersey, and cheered raucously by myself since Yoshiko hadn’t come down from the club.  I’m sure he heard me but he was focused so didn’t even look my way.
He did his classic exercise which looks like a windmill.
He threw a few practice pitches.  He went into the bullpen before he even broke out into a sweat.
I didn’t even see Chase Utley come out, first person out every game.
And then Trayce usually follows.  He has done a lot to prove himself..what an offensive threat he is.

Chase continued his stretching.
And then Corey came out to the field to stretch 
Most eyes were on Trayce who is one of the most popular players.  
Trayce must get his head shaved everyday.  Now that Scotty is back, he can resume his duties as team barber.
Clayton Kershaw was being presented with more awards, National League player of the month, Dodger of the month, etc etc.  He needs a house to store all his awards.
Batgirl Danielle always has a smile for everyone
Carl and Justin.  They have been pretty much in the background with the roommates taking over in the offense.  The famous roommates are, of course, Joc, Trayce and Corey.
Chase Utley saw someone he knew so signed autographs for the kids while he talked.  He was very nice to the kids.

National Anthem time.  

Scotty:  Are you taking my picture?

Clayton:  You over there.  Are you taking my picture?

Scotty to Kike:  I think she was taking my picture

Kike:  Just don’t encourage her.

Corey Seager….what can I say?  He should get Rookie of the Year.  Just saying.
A closeup of Trayce for everyone who asked for one
Have to get these socks right

You have a mess there Yaz.

So Maeda Fan Club screamed and cheered as the great one walked by with his entourage.  I’ve noticed that even though they don’t look at you, they see everything.  Case in point, Mike Bolsinger noticed I was wearing his personal jersey when he walked by the last time he pitched but I swear he never looked.  Or so I thought.  He told me the next day he saw the jersey.
We were getting very excited by that time.  The pre game activities always gets you hyped up.

Carl stopped to sign 
Joc finally came out to stretch
Justin wore his socks up high.  It gives him a nice look.  Notice his Nike sleeves have his number?
And then Joc signed some autographs to everyone’s delight.
He signed for delightful Cynthia who wanted to give the ball away as a Fathers Day present.  Good things happen to good people.  What a wonderful present.  
It must be hot…Brett doesn’t have his hoody up
The umps and boss man Roberts having a light moment.  That’s before they start calling those absurd strike zones and gets everyone mad.
Kenta was in a hurry to get to the pitchers mound.
Probably because he had to prepare and go through his rituals.
He has to stretch and stomp on the mound a few times.
And say a little prayer…please please give me run support.
Last minute instruction from Yaz who is sending sign language in Japanese
First pitch.  I am sitting a the end of my seat in anticipation.
In the first inning the Braves drew first blood by scoring on a passed ball and a single.  0-1.  I was feeling a little deflated.  Not a good sign when the enemy scores in the first inning.

In the first inning the Dodgers were out in order.  I really was feeling down.  Will it be a game of no offense for the Dodgers??

In the second inning, the Braves scored again making the score 0-2.  I was praying for run support for Maeda.  Two runs shouldn’t be insurmountable.

There was a discussion with Maeda whether everything was ok.  He has been bothered with a sore right pitching hand after getting hit by a comeback ball on the road.
In the second inning, Yaz was able to get on base with a walk.  Hey, we’ll take what we can get.
Then it happened.  Corey hit a solo homerun in the 4th inning.  1-2.
Maeda had settled down and did not allow any more runs.  There were hopes that one of the roommates could score again.

Boom…one of the roommates strikes again.  This time it’s Trayce.  Solo homerun.  The score is tied.  From then on the momentum was on the Dodgers’ side. 2-2.

In the sixth inning to everyone’s surprise, Corey hit another solo homerun breaking the tie. 3-2.   Braves pitcher Teheran had allowed 3 home runs before he was taken out.

Break in action, time for some coconut pineapple ice cream, my favorite and 3 kinds of fresh baked cookies:  peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip.  So yummy, still hot from the oven.

I ran into Matt, his girlfriend Rhea and adorable little girl Lily.

They took Maeda out and Liberatore came out in relief.  I had my fingers crossed hoping it was the good Adam since we only were ahead by one run.

In the seventh inning, Scotty Van Slyke had his turn at bat.  It was good to see him back in action although he struck out.  Oh well.
In the 8th inning, Joe Blanton came out in relief.  He also kept the Braves from scoring.

Another little pause in the action while the relief pitcher warms up.  It must be a good story.
And then the improbable happens.  Corey hits a 3rd homerun making the score 4-2.
In the 9th inning, Kenley Jansen came out to close the game.
All eyes on Kenley…well actually I was watching Trayce in the outfield.  He is in constant motion.  This was about 20 seconds of Trayce action.
Kenley doing his thing.
And the Dodgers win the first game of the series with a score of 4-2.  Thank you Corey and Trayce.  Kenta thanks you.  Now Kenta has a record of 5-3 and his ERA lowers under 3.0 to a respectable 2.84.

A glimpse of Julio Urias giving high fives.  One game soon he will be the winning pitcher.  Have you noticed that no matter who is pitching, Kershaw is one of the first on the field to celebrate.  He is a true team player.
The coaches and the boss came out last.
Clayton Kershaw with a record of 7-1, ERA 1.56 will face Bud Norris who was a late addition with Braves Mike Foltynewicz on DL because of elbow spurs.  Norris has a record of 1-6 ERA 5.71.  It will most probably be a fast game.  Clayton’s last game at Dodger Stadium lasted 2 hours and 12 minutes.  Eat fast.  Talk fast. Everything fast.  

A sad note.  Muhammad Ali has passed away.  He was definitely the greatest.  A very sad passing.

Happy birthday again Doug.  So happy the Dodgers won the game for you.

Thanks for stopping by.  It was so good to be back in my happy place..Dodger Stadium.  GO DODGERS!!!  See everyone tomorrow.

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