I’m sorry. No blog today. Work was very demoralizing last night and left me totally deflated and depressed. I need my Dodgers to cheer me up! Thank goodness they return tomorrow to Dodger Stadium. I miss it. I miss my guys. I miss my Dodger friends. I need to be back to Blue Heaven on Earth.

Looking at the Cubs Wrigley Field in Chicago there is nowhere more beautiful than Dodger Stadium!

I lose myself to the tradition and simplicity of my home away from home, where I can forget everything that makes me sad or depressed and become engrossed in the best sport of all time…baseball. It’s a place where you can dream the dreams of World Series championships past and hopefully in the future. You can become JUST A FAN where nothing else matters except this brief moment in time when you watch Kershaw execute the perfect pitch or you scream with joy while everyone sings “I love LA.” Can there be anything more exciting than this happy place?
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate everyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to read my ramblings.

Take the time when you visit the stadium to say hi to some of my friends!



The runners
Norma and family

My partner Yoshiko and Hubby Doug

Again Thank you for checking in.  GO DODGERS!!!

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