The Injuries Continue

It might be a shorter list if it was made up of healthy players.   Add Yasiel Puig to the growing list of injured players.  Hamstring soreness….oh no.  So far the news today have included Alex Wood (forearm soreness),  Kenta Maeda (right hand soreness).

The teenager might be back up again bout in a friendlier environment.  He might do better.  There’s also talk that Zach Lee may take a turn.  Might as well let the whole Triple A pitching staff have a go at it.

It’s almost a given that when Jake Arrieta goes against the Dodgers, it’s almost a sure win just looking at the stats.  With the Dodger offense just puttering along, it probably will happen again.  But the weather gods are on our side.  It’s been very stormy in the Chicago area causing a bit of a rain delay.  Every little change in routine can affect a pitcher.  However I still remember the last time the Dodgers met Jake Arrieta, it was a no-hitter, add insult to injury.  I keep hearing that Arrieta is the best pitcher in baseball, but excuse me, bare none, it’s Clayton Kershaw.  Time will tell.

I was keeping myself busy getting my tickets ready for the next homestand.  My  kitten thought he would help.

Thank you everyone.  My blog reached its 10,000th hit.  Thank you for liking it enough to keep reading it.  You make it worth writing.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll write an update when the game is over.  GO DODGERS!!!


  1. Eric

    Thanks Cat for taking pics of the twins (Duke and Klayton) and posting them. What get memories your helping to create for them. Fill free to shot away.

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