When the Offense Never Arrived

It’s not that the Dodgers weren’t given a chance.  The Cubs starter came down with a leg cramp in the 3rd inning.  The reliever was another pitcher named Wood so we had Wood vs Wood.  The offense never could get it going to score even one run.

Wood #1 or Alex pitched a pretty good game only allowing two earned runs.  The offense gave him nothing.  And this was against a pitcher who didn’t know he was going to take over for the SP.  And the Dodgers made him look like a Cy Young candidate.  The Dodgers were shut out and it wasn’t even Arrieta.  Oh by he way,  that comes tomorrow.

It only took a couple of hits in the 5th inning to put the powerful Cubs into business.  Jason Heyward singled scoring Ben Zobrist.  Oh by the way,  Zobrist’s wife sang a beautiful version of the National Anthem.  0-1.  Then in the same inning Anthony Rizzo doubled scoring Jason Heyward.  0-2.  And that was it for the scoring.

The only hit the Dodgers had was a single by Justin Turner in the first inning.  

And that was all she wrote.  

It will be sad if the Dodgers gets swept by the Cubs.  They did pretty well against the Mets.  But the offense has to be more aggressive.  I know.  I know.  It’s the unhittable Jake Arrieta.  The Dodgers are already 4 1/2 games out of first place in the Western Division.  I know that unless they can clinch their own division, there is no chance of a wild card coming from the poorly performing Western Division.  Light a fire under those boys!!!

We need the girls to cheer them on again!!!!!

We all love the Dodgers whether they win or lose, but it is much more fun when they win!!!

Congratulations to Joey Votto on his 200th career homerun.  I told him taking a picture with me was good luck.

And also congratulations to our Trayce Thompson’s brother Klay on the Golden State Warriors’ advancing to the NBA finals.  Athleticism runs in their family.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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