Winning the Series

Once again the Dodgers were able to win a difficult series.  They won 2 out of 3 in an exciting series with the always tough Mets.  Sunday’s game was the most exciting yet.  It’s almost understood that every game that Kershaw pitches will be a win. And that’s what we fans expected again.   This time the game was a bit more uncertain.  He allowed one home run and did not pitch a complete game.  He was taken out in the 8th because of his pitch count and replaced by Adam Liberatore.  I can understand Kershaw’s concern since the bullpen is shaky to say the least.   How many times has the bullpen lost games?  However this game the offense came  through.

Kershaw struck out 10 over the 7 2/3 innings that he pitched.  The score was 2-1.  Dave Roberts took Clayton out although he wanted to stay in.

The first score was in the 3rd inning when Chase scored on a Justin Turner force out.  1-0.

Adrian Gonzalez singled scoring Corey Seager in the 5th inning.  2-0.

There was fan interference on a Cabrera homerun in the 6th inning.  There was a review but the call was upheld.  What do Dodgers expect?  They rarely win any review.  The score was tied.  2-1.

After Clayton was taken out and Adam Liberatore was sent in to pitch, Granderson tripled scoring Plawecki.  There went a Clayton Kershaw victory.  I know that Clayton was miffed not so much about that but that he wants to win.  2-2.

If Kershaw wants to stay in the game, I say let him stay in the game.  I felt bad for Kershaw.  He intensely watches every game whether he pitches or not.  He is a true competitor.  There is no one who is happier when one of his teammates hits a homerun or scores a run.

However in the 9th inning, Adrian Gonzalez came through singling in Kike and Corey breaking the tie. 4-2.  What a huge hit for Adrian.  Kike had started it off with a single off Mets pitcher Familia.

Thank goodness Dave sent Kenley out to close the game.  How often has he sent someone else out who lost the game?

Interesting enough, Adam Liberatore was credited with the win although he was responsible for the no-decision for Kershaw by allowing that triple to Granderson.  

Scary moment was in the 5th inning when Clayton was hit in the neck by a broken bat.  Thank goodness he was ok.   It was the second game this series that a Dodger pitcher was hurt, Kenta Maeda being hit in his pitching hand by a ball.  It seems that every game Kershaw hits a milestone or breaks a record.  This game he became the first modern day pitcher to have the fewest walks when reaching 100 strikeouts; Clayton had 5 walks.  

On Monday the Dodgers begin a 4 game series with the powerhouse Cubs.  Alex Wood  1-2, ERA 4.03 faces Jason Hammel 6-1 ERA 2.17.  Alex has been nursing a sore hand.   Clayton Kershaw will not be pitching against them but unfortunately the Dodgers will have to face Jake Arrieta on Tuesday.

By the time the Dodgers return to Dodger Stadium on Friday to face Atlanta, it will seem like a hundred years to me.  I already miss them.  It is so different watching them on  I am more used to watching them play at Dodger Stadium. Nothing is like watching a baseball game at a stadium.  You can’t possibly feel  the same excitement.  

Let us remember all who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country this Memorial Day.  it’s not all about picnics and barbecues.  

Remembering my Dad today, a World War II veteran.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day with family and friends.  I myself will be going to work today.  

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