When Chase Beat the Mets

It was an unlikely turn of events.  We all knew that when the Dodgers returned to Citifield, that there would be some sort of retribution since that’s the way of the baseball world.  But then again the officials were aware and obviously were on alert.  

It all started when Kenta Maeda was hit on his pitching hand by a line drive in the first inning.  We all held our breath hoping for the best.  He continued on and was better after that hit to the hand.  In Japan it the custom to tolerate pain or “gambate,” so I was not surprised that he continued pitching.

I watched the game on MLB.tv after it was over.  I already knew the outcome of the game but it didn’t make it any less exciting.  I didn’t know the details.  All I knew was the score.

Noah Syndergaard was ejected in the 3rd inning for throwing a pitch behind Chase Utley.  Both teams had been warned before the series started that no retribution would be tolerated.  Watching the play, if Chase had not moved quickly, he would have been hit by the pitch, most likely in the hip where it would do no serious damage.  Many think that the home plate umpire acted too hastily but I think he did what he had to do.  

The first score was a solo homerun by none other than Chase Utley.  1-0.   The crowd at Citifield became quiet.  After that it was Chase’s game.

The next score was a result of Puig’s single and his dash to second which caused the Mets to be distracted enough for Adrian Gonzalez to run home.  2-0.

The ultimate insult to the Mets was the grand slam home run in the 6th inning by Chase Utley, public enemy #1 in NY.  It sealed the deal for the Dodgers.  6-0.

In the 8th inning Adrian hit a solo homerun making the score 7-0.  Howie Kendrick also hit a solo homerun in the 8th inning.  8-0′

Juan Lagares hit a solo homerun in the 8th inning with JP Howell pitching.  That would be the only Mets score.

The final score of the game came in the top of the 9th inning when Corey Seager hit another solo homerun.  9-1.

However the impetus of the game came with Chase Utley who quietly minds his own business and plays the game of baseball.  Hopefully the bad blood between the Dodgers and Mets can be put to rest.  Obviously retribution didn’t work out for the Meets when Thor was unceremoniously ejected from the game.  Who can say whether the Dodgers still would have won the game.  We’ll never know.

Thanks for stopping by.  All I can say is…..what a game!!!

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