Losing to the Mets 

I want to start this post on a positive note:  I decided to give my co worker the ball I had autographed for him for his birthday in a ball case.  I wanted it to look authentic by putting a note inside the case so I wrote where the ball came from (batting practice) and whose autographs I was able to get (Kike’s and Corey’s).  

Everyone knows that I am a nervous wreck when I try to get autographs.  I die a thousand deaths, break out in hives, start shaking and get a bad stomach.  True that in this case too.  I’m still nervous about it.  Kike’s autograph is pretty much mission impossible so I was lucky to get it.  Corey’s not so much.  He is fan friendly.

I just got my new phone case in the mail and just love it.  It’s an update from my last one…note that I put one of my all time favorites Matt Kemp in a place of honor.  The others are Trayce, Charlie Culberson, Mike Bolsinger, Kike, Justin (because I can’t forget him on any phone case) and Corey.

The other phone case is clear which shows the gold pink color of my phone.

Now back to business….

It was the debut of Julio Urias, much anticipated savior of the 2016 season.  I think that everyone had placed great hopes on this 19 year old “teenager” as he is  called.

He had a reasonable debut, nothing spectacular.  He allowed a double which scored Cabrerea.  Then Lagares singled in Cespedes and Walker.  3-0.   This was just the first inning.  If it were one of the other starting pitchers, everyone would have been upset demanding that he be taken out of the game posthaste.  His pitch count already was in the 30’s in that fateful first inning.

Chase was the outstanding player of the game, interesting enough because none of us were sure how he would be treated after that controversial slide last season.  He was able to hit a sacrifice fly scoring Puig in the 3rd inning.  By then Julio was already on his way out.  The score was 1-3.  Thank you Chase.

It probably would have been better to introduce Julio to the Bigs during a quieter game.  Bringing him out in the glaring lights of New York is not a big confidence builder for him.  Why not debut the teenager in his own home field?  We Dodger fans would have loved to be part of it.  

In the 3rd inning, Julio was replaced with Chris Hatcher.  We all know that we have the good bullpen who pitches scoreless innings and then we have the bad bullpen that causes us to tear our hair out.  Unfortunately for us, it was the latter.  Hatcher facilitated a homerun by David Wright in the 4th inning.  1-4.  By then I had that feeling of dread I get when I know there will be no singing at the end of the game.

Then Joe Blanton replaced Hatcher who had given the Mets that extra run.  But Joe was no better serving up a pitch to Lagare who then hit a solo homerun. 1-5.  Each pitcher from the bullpen was worse than the one before.

The Dodgers showed their nettle by continuing to fight.  With a series of walks and singles, Gonzalez scored in the 9th inning.  2-5.  We could see the fear in the Mets’ eyes.  The Dodgers would not be stopped!!!  Here they come.  Actually….here comes Chase, the go-getter, the difference maker.  He hit a double scoring Howie, Puig, and Yaz, tying the freaking score!!!  The impossible happened.  But then it all fell through when Baez came out in the bottom of the 9th.   We always hold our collective breath when there is a pitching change and someone else comes out of the bullpen.  We have almost become used to our bullpen losing games but this one was like taking one in the gut.  Granderson hit a huge homerun breaking the tie and winning the game with a walkoff homerun.  Sometimes you feel you have absolutely nothing left.  And that was the way we felt.

I suppose all of us were anticipating too much in the debut of Julio Urias.  He is after all only 19 years old.  He is doing well in the minor leagues but we have to remember that the Bigs is a whole different ball game.  Everyone was disappointed of course.  Many were philosophical about it and said he actually did well considering.  Many were anticipating that he would continue with the team as a starter or part of the scary bullpen.  I think he should  go back to minors and think about what he learned and what he should improve on.  He has a long career ahead of him and trotting him out when he simply is not ready will not help his confidence.

The Dodgers face the Mets again on Saturday, this time our Kenta Maeda 3-3, 3.29 ERA will face Thor 5-2, 1.94 ERA.  Hopefully we can enjoy a victory this time.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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