Kershaw Does It All

It almost sounds like a stuck record when we start talking about Clayton Kershaw and how good he is.  Could it be possible that one player could make such an impact?  Kershaw does it all:  offense, defense, hitting, pitching, running.  What can’t he do?
Many of us season ticket holders came early for batting practice and this is what we saw.  Most of us didn’t expect the Dodgers to have batting practice after the two extra inning games over the weekend.
And this.  The Reds look just as tired.
The last two games with the Padres had gone into extra innings.  The one Sunday 17 innings, almost the length of two games.  The bullpen was totally exhausted.  It was no wonder that Clayton played the game a different way using ground ball outs and running bases himself.

It was nice to see Matt again.  Notice his cool Guess baseball shirt.
Joc was the only player who came out to entertain us.
Dave Roberts had a couple of pointers for him. We thought that the other person out in the field was Howie but I think it was George Lombard the first base coach.
He went over to the dark side and greeted Cincinatti with a lot of love.
More discussion and then they all went in.  Dave stopped to point to the dugout.  In other words, he would see us later there.

Scott Kazmir was nice enough to come out to the field expressly to sign autographs and take pictures with us.  I don’t miss an opportunity of course.  I’m getting a little better at selfies which is a good thing because I don’t always have my photographers with me.  After that I went up to the club.

The food was really marvelous especially the tri tip and roast turkey breast and cranberry sauce.
I came back to the field and realized there was someone else standing where I usually do to take pictures.  Don’t they know that’s my spot??

Clayton Kershaw made his way across the field a while later.  
Alanna Rizzo with SportsNet was catching up on the news
They interviewed Chase Utley who played fantastic defense Sunday during that marathon game.
Clayton started his pre game workout
AJ is Clayton’s favorite backstop.  AJ played all 17 innings on Sunday since there was no relief, Yasmani only being available for pinch hitting.
More pics of Clayton stretching.  Can I ever tire of taking pictures of this guy?  I don’t think so.
I have taken hundreds of pictures of him.
Dave Roberts has finally decided to let Trayce Thompson start.  It took a few home runs to prove the point that he should.

Corey…one of our homerun hitters.
Justin with the Dodgers booster club
More stretching with Trayce.  I’ve had requests to post more pictures of Trayce since there really aren’t that many out there in media land.
Kike did some interesting pretzel-like stretching.
Cute kid Anthony who was hoping for some autographs.  I didn’t think many would sign because they are probably tired.
Emirates Airlines had provided the giveaway neck pillows that day, appropriate for an airlines and actually functional.  Their first pitch was a little strange.
Kike still at it….the starting lineup from the other night had not changed much except that Kike started.  He has a good average against left handed pitchers.
The spycam caught Pedro Baez and Joc on the sidelines in the dugout 
National Anthem time…Ryu is looking right at me.  Luis Avilan is back again.  Happy to see..Mike Bolsinger who was brought up again to pitch on Tuesday.  I get the feeling he will be sent back down again after he pitches.  I hope not but that seems to be the way it’s going.  Ross Stripling was sent down mainly because he had pitched in the extra innings game on Sunday since Tsao had some sort of mysterious injury at the time, which means he can’t take his turn in the rotation.
It was absolutely perfect weather on Monday…a light breeze and the heat had already  dispelled.  Everyone thought it was getting cold but I loved it.  I like it much better than the relentless sun.
Trayce and Kike left
Kike played a little catch with Justin before he went into the dugout 
Corey signed for the fans as he does everyday.  He never disappoints.  He’s always nice.
The spycam detected Brett Anderson in his usual hoody and gorgeous Trayce, his head still shaved
Brett minus hoody, Brandon McCarthy having a little Hawaiian Springs water and Carl contemplating sitting for a game.
AJ and Clayton on their way back to the dugout.  I always wonder what he is thinking during that walk.
Umpires and coaches
Something caught Kershaw’s attention before the first pitch
First pitch….oops… Kershaw gave up a double to Cozart.  Uh oh.  I thought this is weird.  There goes a perfect game already.
The Reds starter Brandon Finnegan pitched a great game but he still was the loser against Kershaw who wins games in different ways.  Finnegan actually pitched a complete game as did Kershaw.  The Reds pitcher only gave up one run in the 6th but that was enough to give the Dodgers the victory.  He induced Dodger double plays but had 4 walks and only 2 strikeouts.

The only run that scored was the result of a check swing single by Adrian Gonzalez among other unusual plays.

It started with a Justin Turner walk.  There was a pick off attempt but it went into right field, the second error for Reds catcher Barnhart, allowing Justin to go to second.  Justin then was able to go to third on the check swing single by Adrian.
Howie Kendrick hit a two out ground ball which made us all groan but we realized that Justin was then able to score since there were no outs at the time. 1-0.  And that was all it took to win the game.  
My friend walked by about that time with all his wares.  He blocked the view for a while and then sold Dodger flags to the kids.  Then they blocked my view for a while.  I have to remember to thank him for that.
It was Alyssa’s birthday so Norma invited her to the game.  Lucky Alyssa and happy birthday!!  What a nice birthday present.
Clayton spent some time on the bases, hitting a single, then taking second on a wild pitch….yes, that was Kershaw the pitcher.  He then advanced to third on a slide.  The great Kershaw commented after all this. “I have to work on my slides.”  I don’t think we want him to do that too often.
During the game, there were a lot of swings, running, balls, strikes, but as in most pitchers’ duels, it was little boring.
Kershaw did not continue the streak of 10 strikeouts or more a game but as Dave Roberts pointed out, he’s not into any records, he just wants to win games.  That makes a great player.  Kershaw has always been a team player.
This game was another complete game shutout for Kershaw.  It’s become a regular thing when he pitches.  The guys look excited in the dugout.
The fans are on their feet and ready for a win.  The score board says it all!
I absolutely love taking victory pictures.
It was a nice win.  Kershaw was able to rest the bullpen pitching a complete game,  final score 1-0.  The game also was a quickie only lasting 2 hours 11 minutes.  Everyone appreciated that.  We have learned that when Kershaw pitches we have to eat fast, talk fast, do everything fast.

Try eating ice cream fast and get brain freeze.  Thank you Brandon for the treat.  I cannot thank the chefs in the baseline club enough for everything they do, especially Bud, Armando and Brandon.

On my way out I met Baseball Head.  BTW he does his own makeup.  Talk about small worlds, I had makeup done on Saturday at Second Street Beauty.  They were having their annual beauty day which is one of my favorite things to do other than baseball.  My makeup was done by Anna who happens to be his aunt.  I did not have baseball head makeup applied in case you wondered. She used to do his makeup but now he does his own.  Very nice guy.  Interesting makeup and concept.

My friends Yoshiko and Doug will be at the game today.  Excited.  He’s not sure.

Mike Bolsinger will start today.  He will face Daniel Wright of the Reds.  Ross Stripling was supposed to start but since he pitched Sunday in emergency relief, he was sent down to triple A, skipping this start.  Tsao was not available to pitch during Sunday’s game because of a right biceps injury which he is now on DL for.  Mike had been optioned after his last and only start this season a little over a week ago  but was able to come back up so soon because of Tsao’s injury.  I think Mike had done well  his one outing and should have been left in the game to get out of the inning as he had done earlier in the game  but was taken out possibly because of an 80 pitch limit after an oblique injury which had sidelined him since Spring Training.  Taking him out made his one start look not as good as it was.  A key to good pitching is to get oneself out of a bad situation.   It’s a little complicated.  My hopes are that he doesn’t get sent down again after pitching today.  Wright was also called up from triple A because Tim Adleman who was scheduled to pitch for the Reds was placed on DL for oblique strain.  So as of yesterday, no one knew who was starting for either team.

I will be wearing Mike’s spring training jersey to the game.  I will definitely be cheering him on since he is my absolute favorite Dodger.  GO MIKE and GOOD LUCK!!!

Thank you everyone for stopping by.  It is a short homestand, only 3 games.  Then the Dodgers will be on the road again and I will back to work.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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